Seven News Presenters and Reporters


Melina Sarris is filling in for Jane Bunn tonight.


Doesn’t she usually present Friday and Saturday?


Jane presents Sunday to Friday with Melina only doing Saturday (and additional reporting throughout the week).


Friday (12.10.2018): Sharyn Ghidella is anchoring solo in Brisbane tonight.


Ben Davis reported on camera tonight

Earlier- solo Sharyn


Saturday (13.10.2018): Katrina Blowers is presenting in Brisbane tonight.


Melina Sarris presenting weather in Melbourne tonight.


Sunday (14.10.2018): Katrina Blowers is presenting in Brisbane again tonight.


Monday -

Ann Sanders is back presenting Morning News & Sydney Afternoon News this week.


Kendall Gilding looks to be on a break today with Max Futcher presenting updates.


She made it


Susannah presenting national updates tonight? A friend in Sydney just posted this -

Seven News Content and Appearance

Does anyone know why Ann Sanders presented Friday’s morning news (12 October)? It is up on the 7 Plus site


Sally Bowrey presented on Friday, go back to 7plus and play Friday’s episode mate.
Yes it has images of Ann and Matt Carmichael on the video not sure why…


They aren’t proper thumbnails from the video, they just cycle through a bunch of images that they have on file (ie look at Sydney 6pm for Fri/Sat, both images of Fergo, and whoever put the catalogue together seems to be obsessed with Ashlea Brown since about half of the images seem to be of her which is a bit strange).

I don’t know why they do it that way since literally everything else on 7plus uses a proper thumbnail image but I’m sure they have their reasons.


Ok thanks for the information l normally don’t use 7plus so had no idea about it.


Susannah Carr Doing national news updates again today


Jacqueline Felgate is presenting sport in Melbourne tonight.


Saturday & Sunday -
Matt Carmichael presented sport in Sydney.


Mike Amor is presenting Seven News at 5 this afternoon.