Seven News Presenters and Reporters



When was the last time Robert Ovadia presented a Sydney bulletin? Just curious as I have not seen his name mentioned here for a while.


Back in January if I’m not mistaken.

Although Robert Ovadia isn’t a very good presenter or journalist IMO!


Where is Chris Reason? Is he overseas or on holidays?


I’m not really sure about his reporting as we don’t see him that much in Melbourne however I completely agree with you about his presenting. He’s quite wooden and fumbly. Angela Cox, Melissa Doyle, Chris Reason and even Angie Asimus are better in my opinion


Friday -
Sally Bowrey presented weather in Sydney again tonight.


Chris Reason has been reporting all week.


Friday & Saturday -
Angela Cox is presenting in Sydney.


Melbourne reporter Sharnelle Vella is reporting from the US


Chris Bath is interviewed in tomorrow’s Stellar magazine in The Sunday Telegraph. Interesting comment here about her journalistic career.


Saturday -
Angela Cox is presenting 5pm News.


Samantha Brett is presenting weather this Saturday* too


Emily Angwin is presenting the weather in Melbourne tonight.


Sally Bowrey presented Friday.


Thursday (04.10.2018) - Saturday (06.10.2018): Rohan Welsh is presenting Brisbane sport for the fifth consecutive week.

Tonight, he signed off, after resigning from Seven, thanking his colleagues and viewers.


Sunday -
Angela Cox is presenting 5pm News again today.


Mike Amor is presenting the morning news from Melbourne.

Jim Wilson is presenting sport and David Brown is back presenting weather from Sydney



Bit odd there’s no vo for Mike. Surely they have a “This is Seven News…With Mike Amor” in the system somewhere…


Yeah, I’ve heard one before for Mike on the 6pm news and afternoon news.

Also, Robert Ovadia is presenting Sydney’s afternoon news.


I was only talking about Ovadia a couple of days ago!
Sorry Sydney, that was my fault.