Seven News Presenters and Reporters


or the Melbourne newsroom does not care about in depth reporting and live crosses to the numerous Eagles functions?

Think logically about these things rather than assuming it’s a “local face” thing.


Mitch was watching the match from his office…


The current setup seems to be working pretty well for 7 and 9 given their ratings position. I’d take a confident guess that they won’t following the lead of Ten News and slash jobs of key newsroom leaders.


I was wondering why he was watching live streaming on 7plus via his office computer, and not an actual TV?


Channel 7 Perth aired a special afternoon bulletin on the West Coast Eagles Grand Final win at 2:23PM straight after the encore of the Grand Final yesterday. Adrian Barich was in the studios, while Ryan Daniels was at Langley Park for the welcome home Eagles event. 50 000 people were at the Langley Park.


To me, that looks like a separate and dedicated TV in his office…


Peter Mitchell presenting tonight. I would have thought he and Mike Amor would have swapped nights just for the AFL Grand Final weekend.


you’d be amazed what empty coffers will make you do.


Monday -
Jodie Speers is back presenting Early News.


Perth reporter Monique Dirksz is reporting from Indonesia.


Max Futcher is presenting Queensland’s afternoon news.

Amelia Broun is presenting Perth’s afternoon news.

Alana Smith is presenting weather in Adelaide.

Rick Ardon is presenting solo in Perth.


Saw her reporting plus a live cross to Peter Mitchell in last night’s Melbourne bulletin.


Tuesday -
Melina Sarris presenting weather in Melbourne tonight.
Mitch said Jane is off sick.


Jane’s voice had been quite hoarse since late last week. Working too many nights?


Anglea Tsun presenting Perth news tonight


Interesting this week 7 news
Monday Rick Presented
Tuesday Anglea presented
Wednesday Susannah presented


Mel McLaughlin presented Sport for last night’s Sydney 6pm bulletin from Melbourne (something to do with a function down there I think).


Thursday: Sally Bowrey presenting Sydney’s weather


Friday -
Angela Cox presented Morning News today.


Apparently, Angela Cox will also be presenting Seven News Sydney tonight.

One would imagine that we might also see her (or another fill-in presenter) read Sydney’s Friday/Saturday 6pm news bulletins in two weeks time, if Michael Usher is heading over to Perth for their Telethon like he did last year.