Seven News Presenters and Reporters


Friday (28.09.2018): Tony Auden is presenting Brisbane’s weather tonight.

Rohan Welsh presented sport Thursday - Saturday for the fourth consecutive week.


I wonder if she’s saving Seven some money by staying at her grandfather’s house?


Rick Ardon will also be presenting at the Melbourne Cricket Ground tonight at 6pm where he will be talking about the West Coast Eagles performance for today


Who’s presenting in Melbourne? Usually they have Peter Mitchell on Grand Final Day.


Peter Mitchell is presenting tonight


Bouncedown definition: an occasion of restarting play by the umpire bouncing the ball

Heard this used on the radio this morning. Not a fan


Must be hard for Peter Mitchell to be presenting tonight after his Pies’ lost!


Tim Watson presenting sport for the Melbourne bulletin at the MCG tonight. Jane Bunn is working seven nights in a row this week presenting weather.


Could we be seeing a double header in Perth tonight with Angela Tsun and Rick Ardon?


Mitch did say congratulations Eagles at the start of the bulletin but his not wearing his black & white tie tonight. :sweat_smile:


Did we notice Peter Mitchell changed his tie at the last minute, from the afternoon updates, to tonight’s bulletin. :yum:

It was black and white… now pink.


Yes. Adrian Barich just mentioned it


Opener (with another very long voiceover):

Camera blooper:

and another in the sport preview with Adrian’s microphone muted for the time

and yet another one with a live cross failing and Rick Ardon was forced to read on


So did Perth have a special bulletin directly before the 6pm one?

There was a couple of seconds of closer there at the start of that clip?

And golly gosh… Longest 7 News opener I have ever seen and wasn’t tidy at all.

That voice-over was horrific and didn’t work with the theme tune music at all.

Melbourne’s opener was also underwhelming tonight, unfortunately.

Things like that should be polished and perfect on days like these.


All I seen was Adrian Barich in front of a screen and then he said news would begin in one minute and the theme played, I would assume it was just the coverage after the game


So you have video?

Could have been a long closer?


No, not of that sorry. It was a long closer.


Did Seven News Perth send its own crew to Melbourne for the AFL Grand Final and Eagles’ post match dinner, or utilise the Melbourne crew?


I would say they would have organize their own crew.


Funny way of doing it. Nine usually just cross to State based reporters around the country. I guess they want to keep the bulletin as local as possible using their own faces.


We were seeing Peter Mitchell in Perth during the GF telecast today in Perth. Coupled with ads for Alice Springs :thinking: