Seven News Presenters and Reporters

I wonder if Karl Lijnders is interested in making the move to Melbourne. He’d be a great understudy for Mitch.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I agree. He isn’t convincing being a local Melbourne reporter which is what Melb market needs.
Am sure the network will find a suitable local place.
Laurel though - more of… no yelling and all is calm.

I’m not Blake, but thanks I guess :thinking:

Not a compliment.
But good for you being you :hugs:

Apart from presenters, I also think we should take a look at Seven Melbourne’s reporters. Any that stand out to you?

Wait… they haven’t dumped any good reporters yet?

Laurel Irving, Sharnelle Vella, Cassie Zervos and Jodi Lee to name a few for me.


25/5/2020 Jacqui Felgate is back presenting sport on the Morning News today.

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I can’t believe I’m doing this, but I’ve noticed the weekend figures for 7 Melbourne are falling a lot. I’m not exactly sure if presenters have anything to do with this, but: VOTE (want to see what you’d do)
6pm anchor for weekends

  • Mike Amor
  • Laurel Irving
  • Blake Johnson
  • Jacqui Felgate
  • Nick McCallum
  • Melina Sarris
  • Other

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@DD_Gaming I don’t think either Nick McCallum or Melina Sarris actually present.


no they dont


Nick McCallum has presented the 6pm news before, and Melina Sarris the 4pm news.

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Has been a looong time since Nick McCallum last presented.

I don’t mind Mike, I think he’s a likeable and good presenter, but the problem is that Alicia is simply just better than all the ones listed above.


You mean - more familiarised with viewers than all of the above?

Familiarised too, but as a presenter, I would pick her over all those others.

The presenter isn’t the issue.

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Yeah, but we all know our news services will NEVER say that content is the main issue.

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It’s more than content too… it’s the brand as a total. Everything is at play, but the main issue in on weekends is the lead in. There is no AFL games and the network axed it’s local travel shows.

Take a look at the Melbourne news ratings last night. The 7 bulletin won :man_shrugging:

I think you need to read your sentence again.

I refer to weekends, I have no issue with weekdays.

But it can sometimes be the issue.

If you both are referring to my poll, I was curious to know why Seven fails on weekends. I know poor content overall contributes somewhat to the issue, but Alicia Loxley being a strong reporter and well known poses an issue for Seven Melbourne, and so I wondered if a re-setup for the cast should take place.

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