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No screencaps but The Project was poking fun at 7’s astrology segment tonight with Kate Langbroek.



With other news programs reportedly turning to astrology, we have our very own Luna Langbroek here to share your horoscopes.

— The Project (@theprojecttv) July 11, 2024

Horoscopes are a morning thing anyway. (Is it still part of The Morning Show these days?)

If they really want to go this route just have it in the final ad break with the 7Life branding and no 7News branding at all.


Horoscopes and a comedy segment have no place in the 6pm news. Next thing we’ll be seeing is Fergo throwing to Moira for an advertorial…

These things are suited for The Morning Show, The Dally Edition, and to an extent The Latest…


Something different and innovative would be going back to 30 minute bulletins.


Particulary on Saturdays when its just padding for 30 minutes (when theres no “big stories” happening

I did suggest this in another topic, they could do news at 6:00pm and (suppose) Sportsworld at 6:30pm, similar to how Ten had an hour of Ten News and Sports Tonight at 5:00pm on weekends.

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Or walking onto the H&A set to have a chat with the cast about what’s on next.


Perth promo are back saying Nobody Knows News like Seven!!


Basic promo running in Sydney as well. Haven’t seen any promos for Friday night’s 6:57 segment that was reported as starting tomorrow.


Surely they won’t be running promos for it, that would be ridiculous.

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Lol, no! It’s just a generic promo.

Win things by watching etc etc

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Mark Humphries spoke to Wenlei Ma from SWM’s The Nightly on why he decided to join Seven News to do a satire segment each Friday.

I’m in two minds of trying to keep everyone that’s concerned about this segment, having them feel relaxed, but at the same time, feeling like I do want it to be something a bit different.

They get the hard news throughout the week, and then this is just another way of looking at it — piecing together my own observations of things that have happened and then throwing to an embarrassing clip of a politician lying on the ground or spear-tackling a child.

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Will this segment be shown Nationally or just in Sydney


With any luck, only Sydney :stuck_out_tongue:


Mark Humphries joins 7NEWS

New satirical segment to air weekly

The Seven Network today announced satirist Mark Humphries has joined 7NEWS, Australia’s #1 news service, to present a weekly satirical segment.

The new segment, The 6.57pm News, begins tonight and will run every Friday at the end of Seven’s 6pm bulletins nationally, broadcast live on Channel 7 and 7plus.

Seven’s Director of News and Current Affairs and Seven West Media Editor-in-Chief Anthony De Ceglie said: “When the nightly news is done well, it’s always been about more than just breaking stories, the latest crime incidents, sports highlights or world events. It’s also about making you think, sometimes making you cry and hopefully making you smile.

“Mark’s new segment will use satire to cut through political spin and translate current affairs in the universal news language of taking the piss. We are thrilled to have his talents join the 7NEWS family.”

Mark Humphries said: “After five years sullying the good name of the ABC’s 7.30, I’m delighted to now be sullying the good name of 7NEWS.

“This isn’t some radical shakeup of the news, it’s just a three-minute segment at the end of the week. There’ll still be plenty of time for the program to talk about football matches that have already happened and football matches that haven’t happened yet.

“I believe I’ve been hired due to my vague resemblance to network star Dr Chris Brown. I’m looking forward to playing the back of Chris’ head in reverse shots on Dancing With the Stars,” he said.

“With Matt Shirvington, Matt Doran and Matt Carmichael all working out of Seven’s Sydney studio, I’m here to prove that Seven does occasionally hire people who aren’t called Matt.”

Known for his sharp political commentary and wit, Humphries gained prominence as a presenter on ABC’s satirical news show The Roast and later on 7.30, where his sketches have earned him a loyal following.
Humphries has also appeared on The Feed on SBS, hosted Network Ten’s quiz show Pointless and has been a regular on ABC’s Insiders since 2016.

With a background in writing and performing, he has established himself as a prominent voice in Australian satire, tackling contemporary issues with a smart and insightful approach.

The 6.57pm News with Mark Humphries starts tonight in 7NEWS

Live from 6.00pm on Channel 7 and 7plus


Media release says it will be national.

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The beard makes him look dodgy. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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As reported in the presenters thread - Sharyn Ghidella has been axed. Some comments from her about the recent content changes to come:

Here’s hoping my horoscope for tomorrow will be for brighter times ahead.

I’m also not one to have my evening news served up with humour and horoscopes either, so, to be honest, it is time to go.


Goodbye Seven News.