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That’s Steve not Alex.


It was the first story on the national news


ohhh I thought they’d do a break into programs.

New role for Gemma Acton


Seven strengthens news leadership team

Gemma Acton appointed Director of News Operations

The Seven Network today announced the appointment of Gemma Acton to the newly created national role of Director of News Operations, bolstering its News and Current Affairs leadership team.

Reporting to Seven Network Director of News and Current Affairs and Seven West Media Editor-in-Chief, Anthony De Ceglie, Ms Acton will work closely with Mr De Ceglie, the metropolitan and regional news directors, executive producers and other senior news leaders to drive culture and innovation across newsrooms nationally. She will also be responsible for leading and implementing the division’s new digital-first strategy as well as overseeing budgets.

Currently Seven’s Network Finance Editor, Ms Acton is one of Australia’s leading broadcast and business executives, with over 20 years’ media, television and banking experience here and abroad.

Before joining Seven’s Sydney newsroom in 2017, Ms Acton spent several years working in Europe, the US and the Middle East as an investment banker and wealth manager at firms including Goldman Sachs, before becoming a correspondent and anchor at CNBC.

She holds an MBA/MA from Wharton and the University of Pennsylvania, is a CFA charter holder and has a wealth of experience in leading and managing large teams.

Mr De Ceglie, said: “Gemma is taking on a crucial role as a leader for our News and Current Affairs teams at a pivotal moment in our business.

“I’m really excited and confident about how she will help shape the path forward for Seven. Her background and her experience mean she will hit the ground running. She is also extremely well-regarded and respected by her peers.

“Gemma’s appointment is part of a plan to ensure the news leadership team is well-positioned to seize every future opportunity.”

Ms Acton said: “As Seven’s News and Current Affairs division leans into the incredible opportunities that the digital media world offers, I’m excited to work with Anthony and the executive leadership team on empowering our exceptional news teams to carry out their best work.

“Our newsrooms will be underpinned by a respectful and forward-focused culture where talent, innovation and ideas are given all the tools they need to flourish.”

Ms Acton will be reducing her on-air commitments as she takes on the new role immediately, but will continue to regularly appear across the screens of Seven.


Was also a reporter on Sports Tonight back in the day too.


Surprisingly a very culture driven statement


From nightly stock market reports… To hiring and firing! Wow, left of field appointment. Good on her though.

I guess upper management liked her finance/banking CV and noted she’ll help oversee the division’s budgets.
But it does make me look back to the Matt White saga at Ten, from on-air to exec and we know how that turned out.


Lots of people go from on air to management. Look at Mark Mooney the new news director in adelaide. He was a senior reporter just a few years ago.


Amber Laidler on the 5pm news today:


Sevens Sydney news at 6pm is looking to add Mark Humphries and a comedy spot weekly according to The Oz.

Standby for Dalts World at 6.30 on Nine as a counter.


I’m sorry, what?

A comedy segment, on the news? That is the most ridiculous thing I’ve heard.


I do admit to checking it wasn’t a BS headline by reading the whole article before posting. And yep. Looks like it’s happening.

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Some American stations used to have a comedy segment in the 90s. Usually on a Friday as a way of ending the week on a lighter note.


I guess they’re just joining the others.

10 have Doody and Nine have Mike Dalton and Alan Raskall doing their acts.

What a joke the news has become.

Checks calendar.

And for those who can’t access it may not be just Sydney.

Newsroom moles observed the 38-year-old comedian enjoying a sit-down chat and a cuppa with De Ceglie, and the meeting was apparently punctuated by a laugh or three.

Anyway, it’s seems that Humphries will indeed be given a weekly slot on Seven’s 6pm news, with the hope being that his comedy snacks will deliver a much-needed freshen-up to the staid Sydney bulletin.

Depending on how it goes, Humphries could even jag himself a national segment, so don’t despair if you’re not a viewer of Seven’s Sydney news. You’re still a chance!

Newsroom moles? :joy::joy:

In all seriousness, no. Just no.

Add news to list of genres dying on Fta.

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When I first read the headline i was like what… thinking it would be an in-studio “gag” segment, but if it’s indeed just reports like 10 and 9, I don’t see a problem with it.


It’ll probably be similar to the satirical segments Humphries once did for 7:30.


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