Seven News Content and Appearance

Is it currently being simulcast at all?

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No simulcast.

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Didn’t think so. Maybe it’s something they should consider again for exposure? Pretty sure 9 still does their radio simulcast.

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Nine is simulcast on River 94.9.


Nine Gold Coast News is simulcast on 4CRB 89.3 (changed from Juice 107.3 a while ago).

Seven don’t simulcast their Gold Coast or Brisbane news.


But maybe they should once again for wider exposure.

I don’t think 96.5 could be considered wider exposure. Their audience is tiny. And if 7 considered it beneficial, they’d still be doing it.

Does 7 still do the 3pm news on Nova?

I know if I was ever out in the car at that time I’d listen to 7News on 96.5. Was recently driving at news time and couldn’t find it, but did find 9News. That’s what prompted my question…

Id say if it makes profit for Seven then they’d consider it.

For some quirk, Triple T Townsville broadcasts 7 News Townsville.

Nine could be doing it for promotional/wide exposure to their news brand.

It’s very easy for these stations just to play music between 6-7pm.


I got the impression that Family 96.5 dropped Seven and preferred to have music during the hour. I’d think that the TV station would have to pay for the airtime to broadcast the news; perhaps Family could get more money from sponsorship of music during the time.

Nine could also put Nine News on 4BH if they wanted to get wider coverage.

I think that Seven News Sunshine Coast used to be on Sunshine Fm at one point as well as local updates in the afternoon.

BTW a previous post I made regarding 96.5: The last Seven Brisbane bulletin to feature the simulcast was Sunday 20 December 2020.


Seven News Melbourne will start late today due to the AFL clash between Brisbane Lions and Carlton going overtime.

EDIT: the bulletin started at 6.03pm.

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*cue outrage in 3…2… *

Seven wasn’t charged for the airtime but 96.5 Fm charged a premium for sponsorships during that hour.

My understanding is there was some sort of breakdown between the two parties.

It seems like a weird concept but why flog your product to an another media outlet who can make money off it and demand an on screen logo (Family 96.5 logo was always in the final credit).

There’s really no other city wide commercial or community outlet in Brisbane (until you start breaking down to Logan 101FM or Bay FM Redlands) that could potentially broadcast it.

7News Brisbane:
Sharyn Ghidella in the studio and Max Futcher on location at the EKKA tonight. Tony Auden also at the EKKA.

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Max’s role at the RNA was very subsidiary tonight. Sharyn present the majority of the bulletin with Max only doing the Comm Games a throw and minor story.


Kendall Gilding has given a look at 7’s set up at the EKKA.


Seven News Afternoons returned today. In Queensland live from the Ekka reminiscent of the first regular local 4pm bulletin also presented by Kendall and from the RNA 7 years ago tomorrow.

10 Aug 2015


This slipped through for a fraction of a second on the Gold Coast - just after a promo for the 6pm news at about 5:50pm.


7Melbourne was live from the ONJ Centre at 4