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I’ve long thought that one of the networks needs to do a bulletin for Geelong. Maybe Seven could take advantage of this gap.

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It had been promoted in Melbourne since Friday night during the AFL. It will air tonight and tomorrow.

The Brisbane advert comes across as more “local” - features Max in the studio:


It really was a story about QLD police, occurring on the Sunshine Coast. Joel Dry presented the report in QLD.


I like them having Joel at the desk. They’ve done that once before recently I’ve noticed.

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Report promoted in Brisbane, Sydney and as we’ve seen in Perth as hyper-local.


Perhaps but the presentation has to at least be pleasing to the eye for the average viewer. The contrast between Nine’s professionally designed, high end set and the what appears to be an in-house, cobbled together effort from Seven couldn’t be more stark. Nine looks like they’ve spent money while Seven’s set and the publicity surrounding cutbacks at the station reinforces to viewers Nine has the greater commitment to the Adelaide audience.


The indicent happened on the Sunshine Coast yet didn’t feature on tonight’s bulletin but appeared in Perth :man_shrugging:t2:

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QLD promo for tonight

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Oh no… They’re going down the Nine News Queensland ransom note-style quotes route… :man_facepalming:t3:

Interesting 7 Melb took the Covid press conference live and then started its afternoon news straight away.

It will be interesting to see if Brisbane lead tonight’s news with Frank Warrick’s passing or the exclusive report of the arrest tapes and police interviews as the follow-up from yesterday’s report.


This is the billboard in Chermside (Brisbane’s northside) this afternoon.

(Interestingly, I’m sure the photo of Sharyn and Max is back to front!)


It’s the same as the Facebook image.


Maybe it’s just the colouring on my photo

I had been wondering the same thing too. He was a integral part to the Seven News Brisbane team for many years, so I imagine they will, also considering the digital billboard as posted by @spw68.

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Seven News Perth Afternoon


Tonight’s package about Frank Warrick’s death.


And if anyone’s wondering Nine ran their version at the end of Sport on their 6pm bulletin.

While he was more known on Seven, he did two stints at Nine. In around 1983-1985 and after he retired from Seven in 2001.

The first one was reading the news with the legendary Don Seccombe and the second filling in and presenting the Weather. A limo would pick him up and drop him off from his Gold Coast home to the Brisbane studios a few days a week.

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Nice package, but baffles me why they got Kay in and didn’t get her to do the report.

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