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You keep saying they’re filming a loop. They’re not. It’s as live as it can be.


Not the Chris Reason one. The Sunrise one is old vision.

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Don’t think it is, because during the 2018 Aboriginal protests outside Martin Place, the show switched to a pre-recorded loop. IIRC the protests had been before the show switched to the loop.

Its clearly live.


So, what you’re saying is that Seven are recording hour long loops to use as backdrops for Sunrise, despite having a permanent camera filming the same view from the studio?


The guy thinks they have a bank of loops :rofl:
“Let’s use the wet time lapse today to match outside”
They don’t have time to do that. Easier to setup a camera and set as life and forget like you have clearly proven :slight_smile:

Love it when people in here talk out of the arse to try and make people think they are in “the know”.

We all know it’s a live shot.


I recall when I went to Sydney in 2019 seeing the two cameras setup on the one tripod, they looked like good cameras too.

I apologise for making a mistake. I believed that it was a pre-recorded video, as I had not seen the construction behind Chris Reason on 7News, on the Sunrise background before. I assumed it was a pre-recorded video.

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New Adelaide set with dual presenters



Now that just looks like one of those news podiums from the 1980s.


Has anyone worked out yet why they need dual presenters for 2 days a week but single presenter for the other 5?


Because of Nine’s resurgence on weekends.

I would’ve thought putting Mike Smithson on weeknights would make more sense.


But what about the resurgence on weeknights?

To be honest they’ve already put in their best foot forward on weeknights. They’re still mainly winning weeknights so it’s less of an issue. Weekends they’re losing pretty regularly so they’re addressing that problem.

Again Warburton and McPherson were stupid to mess with Adelaide. Try that with Perth and they’ll completely unravel.

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Get the audience familiar with the future weeknight team before Janes retirement…?


Maybe, but it’s not as if Mike Smithson and Rosanna Mangiarelli are complete unknowns to viewers of Seven Adelaide…


They probably thought a budget set revamp was going to arrest the weeknight decline but it was so poorly executed it only reinforced the notion that Seven isn’t interested in investing in Adelaide.

They’re going to have to move Mike to weeknights alongside Jane or move Jane to weekends and have Rosanna and Mike as the team take them into the future. Adelaide has a clear preference for the double header. Why Seven persist in Sydney with the ridiculous weekend duel presenter format is beyond me.


Not 100% sure about that. Seven was still dominating for most of last year until the idiots called Warburton and McPherson decided to mess around with the afternoon news and culling Jess Adamson and Tim Noonan.

It doesn’t matter if Seven goes for double header now. It’s too late to reverse any changes unless if they decide to get John Riddell or Graeme Goodings back to read with Jane and even then it’s not guaranteed that they’ll take back their dominance. They just need to invest in promoting their bulletin and also get some promos questioning Nine’s commitment or something like that to try and get their audience back.

The desk wouldn’t look as bad if it wasn’t a big slab of asphalt sitting on the top. Too thick, should be silver/white and thinner


The set / desk itself isn’t so bad. It’s just not very modern by today’s standards.

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