Seven News Content and Appearance

The only people who frankly give two shits about set revamps are media enthusiasts like us.

When it comes to the ‘average viewer’, what’s important is content and presenters.


Agreed. My local coffee club has just done a “revamp”- visually looks nice but doesn’t really make me want to go in there. Still lipstick on a pig.

Content is king.
I honestly didn’t mind the last set. They could have just updated the screen, some lighting and a new facade for the desk they already had and it would have been fine… the Adelaide market is so small that a massive investment for that space isn’t with it. Simple but clean and modern would do the job.


I think the reason for the shorter desk is so that they can do standing presentations with the main screen. But I agree with where you’re coming from.


I don’t really think it was a smart decision to be honest. And if so they should have kept a similar style rather then it looking like an infomercial desk.

The main aspect off the bulletin has been affected for allow for a 5-10 minute sport segment which standing presentation to me adds nothing to their bulletin.

If it was a studio space like Melbourne, sure but it doesn’t work for the Adelaide bulletin - it’s doing it for the sake of doing it and it’s brought down the overall content presentation because of it.

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It was more of a studio than a bureau. 7 also had an Ipswich bureau around that time.

On that note.

If you take a look at Sunday’s ratings.

A fairly big gap is evident between Seven and Nine Adelaide - with Nine on the winning side.

A year ago, this wasn’t the case. Seven had a fair lead at the time.

To see Nine on the winning side in less than a year, I guess things are working out for them. In what way have they been addressing the problem, I’m wondering? The lead in hasn’t been changed yet and while the weekend presenters are now part of a duo that gathered attention in the first two weeks, it hasn’t made any long-term dent.

That’s the funny part - when they introduced it Sunday, it was then that the tables turned. Still wondering whether that was a coincidence :thinking:

The thing is that not only did the reshuffle and axing of Jess Adamson and Tim Noonan bite somehow, the fact that they also axed SA Weekender late 2019 wouldn’t have worked in their favour too. SA with Cosi on Nine is regularly winning its slot which would definitely help Nine. Seven could revive SA Weekender and give it a big promotional push but who knows if it will work.

SA Weekender is airing currently. On Saturdays there’s a local news bulletin leading into 6pm.

An exclusive on a police scandal is to be featured in Perth’s bulletin tonight. Tim McMillan is seen on the field.


Odd, this report is based in Queensland, but comes across as local with Tim on field, and that there is no mention of this former cop being related to VIC Police (as per the actual report). :thinking:

I was under the impression this occured in Perth, so it’s a pretty misleading promo. Although, I’m glad it didn’t occur here either way.


I’ve long thought that one of the networks needs to do a bulletin for Geelong. Maybe Seven could take advantage of this gap.

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It had been promoted in Melbourne since Friday night during the AFL. It will air tonight and tomorrow.

The Brisbane advert comes across as more “local” - features Max in the studio:


It really was a story about QLD police, occurring on the Sunshine Coast. Joel Dry presented the report in QLD.


I like them having Joel at the desk. They’ve done that once before recently I’ve noticed.

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Report promoted in Brisbane, Sydney and as we’ve seen in Perth as hyper-local.


Perhaps but the presentation has to at least be pleasing to the eye for the average viewer. The contrast between Nine’s professionally designed, high end set and the what appears to be an in-house, cobbled together effort from Seven couldn’t be more stark. Nine looks like they’ve spent money while Seven’s set and the publicity surrounding cutbacks at the station reinforces to viewers Nine has the greater commitment to the Adelaide audience.


The indicent happened on the Sunshine Coast yet didn’t feature on tonight’s bulletin but appeared in Perth :man_shrugging:t2:

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QLD promo for tonight

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Oh no… They’re going down the Nine News Queensland ransom note-style quotes route… :man_facepalming:t3:

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