Seven News Content and Appearance


Well, let’s hope 7 gets the budget needed for BTQ’s upgrade.


They seemed to update the lower third for the afternoon updates with a red line added under the “Nightly at 6 box” Just aired in Perth


Noticed the same on Sydney’s afternoon news


Melbourne too.




Yet another absolutely pointless tweak to the On-Air Presentation of Seven News, the red line can barely even be seen at a distance in SD! :confused:


Makes it look more cleaner. I like it!


Lol was that it?? A line?


Why waste the time doing this? It adds nothing to the presentation of the bulletin?


Funny thing is prime7 have had a line like that since last week so maybe 7 saw it and thought to the same


Haha. I’d much rather a red line than the awful 2011 graphics relaunch they did…


I saw it on the afternoon news and thought my eyes were playing tricks on me!!
I don’t mind it!


Yep, that 2011 package was appalling.

They went from what I thought was a solid evolution of the previous look, to a hideously bland and extremely tabloid package which was a huge step back.

It went from this:

Video Credit: ‘Fabianamuso’

To this:

Video Credit: ‘202bot11’


I wonder what discussions are had for such minuscule tweaks like this? :thinking: Most viewers won’t notice or care, but I imagine they added the red accent to incorporate the Network’s main colour, like in their recent promos. Seems a bit pointless though, but it does improve the Supers a bit.

Well, you got part of that correct, albeit a tweak. :stuck_out_tongue:


Kinda want to know who was the brains who said “yeah I think we need to add a red line to our our Lower thirds but keep everything the way it is”


Just saw a local Perth News Update with the theme music playing in the background. Usually there’s no music at all. It was also complete with the blue “sliding blinds” transitions. Though they haven’t tweaked the News Update super to include the red line accent.


I think its been around since Thursday, but I definitely welcome this addition.




Interesting breaking news graphic here. :thinking:


Watch out hes right behind you