Seven News Content and Appearance


Brisbane did well on Friday too. Last night, Seven had the best news team in Brisbane- all experienced and talented presenters.

That is Seven’s model- both Max and Sharyn anchoring the whole bulletin on the location in the case of a news event.


Hmm… I see you under there! Whoops. :rofl:

This lasted for about 10 seconds before the camera faded to black.


Going past 7pm in Melbourne tonight - any reason?


Studio control room can ask presentation for a few extra minutes.


Same in Sydney.


No wonder people are switching off TV news when they “report” on a serial spammer with too much money on his hands. Seriously why is this even news and why are they giving him a free ride? It’s not like he can’t afford to advertise.


No wonder why they’re second rate. Nine wouldn’t have this kind of crap, at least not in Melbourne.


I wouldn’t put it past them. Palmer’s spam the other day was directing people to watch Channel 9 at a certain time so I’m sure they’d give him a news “report” beforehand


Seven Perth using background music for their updates this afternoon.


Weird how it stings on the front then headline music restarts rather than have a cut that has the sting then rolls into headline bed


I think that’s what they do in Sydney too.


Perth using red for live reports tonight,went back to blue for rest of the bulletin


What are the chances new graphics from Monday
And maybe a real news set for Perth :shushing_face::shushing_face:


Is that a guess, wish or has someone confirmed on twitter or something?!


do you know something we don’t? :wink:


How long has Seven Melbourne been using the afternoon news background for the 6pm news?


Started on Monday from memory.
I liked the previous St Kilda Road background personally.


Would be nice if it was a reftesh something along the lines of The Latest


Sydney and Melbourne bulletins started at 6.10pm today due to late finish to the BBL match in Adelaide.


Along with the recent occasion when Perth went national at 5, today from Brisbane was pretty poorly executed. They probably should just leave national broadcasts to Sydney. Obviously this couldn’t happen tonight and only highlighted that Brisbane is in desperate need of a new set and better quality cameras/ graphics output.