Seven News Content and Appearance


To my eyes, they look like a graphical hybrid of Seven News, The Latest and a local station in the US. Not really a fan TBH.

You forgot to mention keeping/attracting higher quality talent to the newsroom but other than that, I agree.


and this video sums up why Perth needs its closer back… The chemistry/banter between Rick and Sue is never show.


Even Adelaide gives Jane and John a short bit of post-weather banter before they hand over to Rosanna in-studio for TT. Some light, friendly conversation.


Incredible. Thanks for sharing.


They have ALWAYS loved their banter in Adelaide.


I always found Rick and Sue’s chemistry kind of awkward - but who am I to judge?!

What that clip does show is their need for a set.


It is well known in Perth that they do not speak to / associate with each other outside of the studio / network events.


And that’s fine. Not everybody gets along like a house on fire.


Here is another fantastic example of their chemistry during the closer. It seriously needs to come back.


Are you for real? What I said before was meant for that clip.


Yes, I am for real. :stuck_out_tongue: In the past, it was nice to see the banter between the two before the closer, because it felt quite genuine coming from the two, like in the blooper posted above. Sure, it may not be everyone’s cup of tea (banter before some closers can be awkward at times), but with Rick and Sue it’s evident to see the chemistry as it has been for many years. It feels like they are abruptly cut off on some days after the weather, and it’s nice to see a proper hand-over. That’s just my opinion though.


Um you need two people talking with each other for it to be banter.


You get what I mean though, basically what I’m saying it just seems a bit unfortunate that they don’t get a subtle or definitive sign-off. If they didn’t want a closer before Today Tonight, they could easily something along the lines of, “That’s all from us tonight, we’ll be back with updates later in the evening, Sam is next with the Weather, then it’s Monica/Tina with Today Tonight”.


Sure. It’s dumb not to have them sign off. But let’s not pretend they have awesome chemistry.


Bit hard to make a judgement like that when it’s never seen.

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Hmmm, looks familiar. :thinking:

Also, there was a special Queensland edition of Seven News at 5pm with Katrina Blowers, covering the Townsville weather event.


Kay voiced a promo tonight saying Max and Sharyn and a team of reporters are in NQ.


Great result for 7News last night. Comprehensive win nationally and in every market.