Seven News Content and Appearance


You haven’t seen ants at a desk until you see the old opening shot, it was shocking.


Why would they bother wasting the money when they could present in front of a shower curtain and still double Nine’s figures.


Doesn’t mean they shouldn’t do it. I mean, Nine News Sydney/Melbourne could be done in the same way and still beat Seven yet they invested into a shiny new set.

Having said that, given Seven are still in cost-cutting mode I doubt anything will happen anytime soon.


Yet they splashed out on a new screens-galore Melbourne set only a year ago?


Another new Seven News Perth promo, promoting weather on location.


None of them have been painted in dual network colours.


The company that owns this chopper is Aerotech. Just checked their Facebook and they own a lot of red and white painted aircraft. Possible that 7 have just paid for the logo on the side for the one off. Helicopter not kitted up for filming with no camera inside or underneath. Doubt it is back full-time.


A news update just aired in Melbourne with Mark Ferguson. It had the Sydney update intro but the hideous national background, with a plug for The Latest at the end. Did this go out nationally?

Fergo sounded more wooden than usual, didn’t sound too well in fact.


Bas just mentioned there is going to be a Special Presentation after the weather “for a special TV milestone” :tv::tada::confetti_ball::balloon:

Anyone got caps? :stuck_out_tongue::camera::camera_flash:



Ahh, it was great seeing a real studio :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


World record holders and they will be seen around the world with that disaster and embarrassment of a set.
It’s actually really disgusting that Rick and Sue have been treated like this - Seven showing their complacency again. “We are winning so we don’t need to do anything”
Well if anything I feel for your anchors over there because if that’s the best you can do for them, you’re bloody fools.
Your set isn’t high tech, it’s a bargain bin purchase.
Today tonight has a better virtual set than your staple!


Its very disappointing, if they continue the pattern they should be due for a new set late this year/ early next year. What annoys me the most is, if they really insisted with this virtual set since 2015 they could’ve at least put the live city camera as the background rather than that cartoon looking one.

I won’t go too in-depth on this because its really for the presenters thread, but I sure as hell hope Rick and Sue’s pay-check is bigger than Mark Ferguson’s or Peter Mitchells who although front a larger state but haven’t delivered anything good to the network in terms of ratings.


Even GWN7 has a real set!



What an amazing tribute package… So many different versions of the theme music over the decades, coupled with a walk down memory lane of some of the biggest stories including part of an opener to the September 11 terror attacks.


Agreed. That was fantastic. Great to see different themes used so well in the promo. The final theme they used was amazing and actually quite fitting to show them together TODAY after all the years gone by. The Mission style in the final theme is almost heroic or like a ‘mission completed’ type theme.

Let’s see some promos like that on the east coast.

Seven Sydney had some really good promos happening early 2016, what’s going on now Seven? :frowning:


Melbourne’s daily recap promo that aired during the cricket last night featured new graphics with images of Melbourne in the glassy effect.

I’d love to see them reworked as an opener. The golden flyover above the Yarra doesn’t really fit with any aspect of the 7 News graphics.


Sure, but I hope Seven Melbourne’s got their priorities right by fixing up their awful content and their awful weeknight presenter.

Then we can talk about on-air presentation revamps.


I quite like those graphics, dare I say maybe a graphics refresh is in the works? However, in saying that Melbourne seems to do what they want with no clear direction in terms of graphics (e.g. Them awful update transitions in the 2014-15 period)

As we repetitively say, less blue please. It should be white replacing the blue and it should be a darker blue almost navy but thats just my opinion.