Seven News Content and Appearance


this has been on for at least a month in Perth!!!


Is this new in Perth only haven’t seen this during any news update this year


Aired at the end of the Brisbane bulletin tonight too


In Brisbane too.
This has been mentioned before


I’m pretty sure Sydney is also getting both of those presentational elements (Sponsored “Up Next” segment + Promotion for The Latest) mentioned, probably a network directive for at least all five main metro markets.


‘NSW Votes’ graphics


So it appears 7 Adelaide have their own chopper again. VH-NDY was flying around Adelaide for some time in the red and white livery but without the 7 or news logos. And now on tonight’s news the 7 has returned (without NEWS)…

Surely 7 didn’t pay to hire their old chopper and reinstate the white ‘7’ just for one news item :thinking:. But then, VH-HSV (shared media helicopter) was still flying about in Adelaide yesterday, according to FlightRadar24.


Could this be old footage?


That’s what I thought at first, but the story was about a school-aged competition winner who won the chance to ride in the chopper for day 1 of the 2019 school year:


I didn’t think any of the choppers had been repainted yet. (still)

correction… I know some have been painted with 9 on one side and 7 on the other.



The former GTV9 helicopter in Melbourne has been painted all white with a blue strip I think.


Yeah, the ex-TCN chopper got a similar treatment from what I recall.

If it’s true that Seven Adelaide have regained a chopper, that’s incredibly interesting. You’d think the Sydney or Melbourne stations would be more likely to regain independent choppers given that both are more populated markets and theoretically at least, generate more local news content.


Just to clarify, VH-NDY did lose its white 7 for a while (well, most of it :wink:), and was being used for non-media activities (Ref: Flickr Dec 2016):

VH-HSV was painted in blue/white and flies in Adelaide with the flight number MDIA58.


It would be bloody great to see the individual choppers back. They were a real station icon for each market.


Seven news Perth just used a new opening shot of the studio as of yesterday. I thought it looked quite good actually and showed less of the virtual set which was good.


They look swamped at that desk. It’s soooo big!!


They look like ants at that desk. Looks completely ridiculous.


Still looks ridiculously shit.


It’s as if the set designer had just finished buying their school-age kids new uniforms… :joy:

“It’s big now, but you’ll grow into it!” :roll_eyes:


I know this has been said multiple times before in slightly different wording over the last nearly four years the current Perth “set” has been in use for, but…

Come on Seven. Give something back to the Perth viewers who are so intensely loyal to you (undeservingly so at times) by treating them to a news set which is actually worthy of a bulletin who’s competition is probably more likely to be Nine News Sydney/Melbourne (for the title of most watched TV news bulletin in Australia) than any rival service in the market locally!