Seven News Content and Appearance


News is being delayed in NSW/VIC/TAS until the final Sri Lankan wicket falls in the test match

EDIT: News began at 6:04pm AEDT


News is being delayed in Melbourne and Sydney due to the cricket


what’s this fat shaming “news” :open_mouth:


Seven News Perth’s new promo.


The full video new 7


Its already attached to my post that I embedded in…


I think the new promo is quite nice, though they could probably update the desk graphic to include the bolder ‘7NEWS’ logo and to mimic Melbourne desk graphic with the darker blue and perhaps the globe in the corner facing WA, similar to Seven Queensland’s set. The ticker at top seems unnecessary and a bit tacky looking. One of Seven News Perth’s better looking promos.


tbh they both look like funeral directors.



It looks like the Sydney set now has wood panelling on the floor, as seen in this morning’s bulletin with Ann Sanders. Looks quite nice


I’m thinking Seven News is due for a graphics change soon.


I believe the wooden floor has been there for quite a while it is just covered somehow during the 6pm news


That just looks really cheap tbh.


They would have just forgotten to cover it with the black slates after Sunrise/TMS.


Anyone just catch the weird green screen studio just featured on Sydney’s 4PM News around about 4:43PM


Is that the faux-newsroom backdrop used when they cross to Fergo (or Usher if it’s a Friday) for a preview of what’s coming up tonight at 6pm? If so, that one has been around for a while now.


No it looked like the Today Tonight promo studio that was in big discussion recently



Exactly what I was looking at.


I notice Seven News is having a new advertorial in the first ad break: a Medibank health update with former Seven Melbourne reporter Mia Greves, with “coming up” headlines at the bottom of the screen.