Seven News Content and Appearance


Some technical issues in Brisbane tonight. Went to a break early following sport when a story wouldn’t play. When they returned, the headlines vision was shown before cutting straight to the weather. Bulletin finished at 6:56pm.


Gotta love those Mosart gremlins. One wrong code and the whole thing goes out of whack.


All gameplay is switched by Tennis.


If that’s the case then Seven can expect a cease and desist letter from Nine’s lawyers.

On the matter of zooming, any form of manipulation of the picture is a breach of the fair use provisions of the copyright act. In fact, broadcasters are also supposed to acknowledge the source with their own super as well as leaving any watermarks intact.

Of course no one is going to take action over fair use breaches because everyone is guilty to a greater or lesser degree.

But where it’s a big ticket event like the Open or the Olympics, networks usually aggressively protect their rights.


Here are some of the early news bulletins this week:

With Natalie Barr:

and Edwina Bartholomew:


Ben Davis (sport) and Tony Auden (weather) both at the Big Bash game for the 4pm news in Brisbane.


With some recent discussion of Seven (and Nine) Brisbane’s recent promos for 60 years of news, I thought it might be interesting to remember the following promo from March 2016. Back then it was “For almost 60 years 7 news has been telling our story …” 60 years has been a long time coming!


By the time 60 years came around Bill had jumped off the ship!


Considering 60 years at Brisbane isn’t until November :thinking::thinking:


Oh not this again!!!


Can we at least agree that both of South East Queensland’s two oldest commercial TV stations are (so) far doing a better job at celebrating their upcoming 60th birthdays than either the Sydney or Melbourne stations did a few years ago?


Apologies for the double post, but I can’t possibly let this milestone go by without a brief mention on Media Spy.

Five years today (doesn’t seem like that long though, does it?) since the now infamous 2014 Seven News theme music was launched, a major Australian TV news blunder which is probably on the same level as THISafternoon, the 2011 Ten News Revolution, Breakfast (on Ten) with Paul Henry and Wake Up.

What I’d imagine was supposed to be theme music which was to serve Seven News for a decade ultimately lasted just 4-5 days before the previous theme was reinstated, which is probably for the best. Having that almost cartoon-esque music played under headlines such as the Martin Place Siege or Dreamworld Tragedy would’ve sounded just a tad inappropriate, I think! :confused:

The sad thing is, Seven didn’t learn their lesson little over two years later when the current (and IMO, rather undercooked) version of the theme music was launched even if the signature from The Mission was kept intact.


I don’t see some of those as blunders. Putting Paul Henry on Australian television was ill conceived but those other things were creditable ideas poorly executed.

The theme music change was a stupid idea but it pales in comparison to both Seven and Nine installing Ferguson as their weeknight newsreader, Seven sacking Mal Walden in 1987, Seven Perth’s virtual set abomination, Ron Wilson’s dumping from First at Five and then TEN-10 in Sydney, Nine letting Lisa walk from Today. Those things have had long term ramifications. The news theme change was easily fixed when the idiots who made that decision came to their senses with the help of loyal viewers.


Looks like the Vision Switcher might’ve pushed the wrong button. Looks like it was a button that had supposed to be a Seven Sport graphic/transition.


Maybe the Ten News Revolution & Wake Up could’ve worked if the execution was better, but the ideas of Paul Henry on Australian TV and THISafternoon honestly should never have made it to air. Who at Nine thought it was a really good idea to try a breakfast-like show (even right down to the On-Air Presentation elements) between 4.30pm and 5.30pm? No wonder it was probably one of the major reasons why Fergo moved to Seven!

But I digress…

Can’t argue with the others, but sadly the virtual set on Seven News Perth doesn’t seem to have had any negative impact on the ratings.

I mean, Nine News Perth brought in a far bigger & better set around 1.5 years later, yet they’re sometimes 4th in the ratings while Seven News Perth are an extremely consistent #1.

Each to their own, but I don’t think it’s a great sound.

For all the criticism about Nine News’ current theme music being tired and dated (and yes, I still think it should’ve been replaced for the 2012 graphics relaunch), the Nine Network absolutely has the right philosophy when it comes to the theme music for their news & other programs. Update if you can do a remix which genuinely sounds like an improvement on the previous version but aside from that, if it ain’t broke…


I quite liked THISafternoon and wish it were still a thing.


A show that is worse than The Daily Edition IMO.


Absolutly no way! The fact that THISafternoon DID NOT have infomercials IMMEDIATELY makes it a better show.


Nine News Now also doesn’t have infomercials (except maybe for the 9Honey segments) but it is barely any more watchable than The Daily Edition IMO.

Anyway, back on topic now. Have Seven been airing any promos highlighting Mark Ferguson’s return to the Sydney newsdesk for 2019? If so, Antonio will be excited!