Seven News Content and Appearance


Here are all the promos. The Sunrise part was also updated:


Interesting, Seven News are somehow getting clean feeds of the Aus Open (i.e.) no Nine watermark?

As they’re not rights anymore, is that allowed? Could’ve sworn last year all other networks were only taking vision from Seven’s broadcasts with their watermark.

9, 9Gem and all courts on 9Now have a “WWOS” watermark. So Seven have either digitally removed it? Or gone out of their way to source clean feeds, but I’d be surprised if that’s allowed.


Im not entirely familiar with the rights situation, but could this have something to do with 7 selling there final year in the tennis deal to 9?


It looks very strange, you’d think Seven would just be recording and using footage from 9HD / 9Gem and 9Now if need be or request Nine provide them footage.
But seems they’ve gone the next level and aren’t having any of that!

I’d be pissed off if I were Nine, being exclusive rights.


Among all of their promos, only Melbourne got a different endtag. Plus, Perth (considering their chroma flaw) didn’t have either Rick and Sue or the Perth team in front of the camera as its endtag.


I haven’t seen them. But take a close look next time. You might find that Seven has zoomed in a bit to avoid putting Nine’s watermark on the screen. The Nine watermark is very close to the edge of frame so it wouldn’t be hard.

Seven have form with trying to eradicate any sign of Nine. Seven went to a ridiculous extreme with the falling freeway sign in Melbourne last week. They zoomed in so much to avoid showing any of Nine’s branding that the footage looked absurd. They put a tiny “courtesy of Nine” or similar in the far right corner of the frame that would be that would be unseen on most overscanning TVs.

The following night they had much better footage of the incident. Which had a US ABC watermark on it, complete with “ABC News with David Muir”. So Seven will do anything it can to avoid giving credit to its enemy.

Next they’ll start blurring out other station’s mic flags at pressers etc!


On Seven in Brisbane yesterday - all tennis coverage had the watermark.

4pm news

6pm news:


Could be a Seven News Melbourne thing?

I think they had a big whinge a while back about Nine using footage that was (apparently) supposed to be a Seven exclusive, even though GTV gave credit to HSV. Something among those lines.


I don’t know if anyone else caught this last night, but the vision of the opener and most of Mitch’s intro to the first story was pushed back on the screen.


Seven is just being a spoil sports. They can’t win so they piss their enemy off with these kind of things.


Let’s be fair, Seven aren’t the only ones guilty of doing such things - I’ve seen all the networks here zoom in footage/blur logos/(insert example here) to avoid having to credit another network


It was MikeCarmichael though on Seven Morning News today, wouldn’t that be sourced and prepared in Sydney? The tennis story voiced by him showed numerous matches from yesterday, absolutely clean with no zoom (from what I could tell) and no “9” logo anywhere… Looked so odd.

Paging: Jason Morrison


The story that aired in Melbourne last night showed the 9 logo:

Sunrise this morning also with the 9 logo:

I went back to my recording and found that voice over report, sans 9 logo. One of the screenshots I grabbed:


There we go, thank you


Of course. I agree. But Seven do seem to be more guilty of it than Nine is. Seen quite a bit of ABC vision pop up on Seven uncredited, whereas Nine does credit the source.


His name is Matt Carmichael.


Yes I know typo sorry!


That music sounds like “Clocks” by Coldplay with them adding a little bit of the 7 News theme as a tune over the top? ?


I noticed the same thing. I thought maybe The Australian Open was providing a highlights reel/video news release to worldwide media sans the WWOS logo. Though you would think they would include an Australian Open logo on it somewhere. The vision didn’t look expanded to me (to hide the WWOS logo).


It looks like a clean network feed provided by AO for international broadcasters to carry. Gameplay looks to be switched by AO.