Seven News Content and Appearance


And it says Morning News is at 11am, not 11:30


Unless if they’re trimming The Morning Show and have Morning News running for a full hour.


Why is the Latest featured?


Why wouldn’t it be?


I thinl it’s a good sign that Seven is keeping the bulletin post cricket.


Shame that there is no consistency with airing the bulletin though


If “The Latest” somehow does manage to survive beyond the cricket season, I still won’t be overly surprised if the program is cancelled after a relatively short time on-air. After the elections, taking a break for coverage of Wimbledon to never return (like what happened to the revived Nine Late News turned Nightline in 2010 IIRC), something among those lines.

This prediction isn’t being made because I particularly desire seeing the program fail, infact I really want it to succeed so Nine and/or Ten will eventually bring back their late night bulletins. But I am basing it off the rather poor track record Australian commercial TV has had in late night news bulletins over the last 10-15 years or so. Also, let’s not forget we’re talking about the same news service which once viewed “Seven News at 7pm on 7TWO” as a major long-term project when as we now know, it was cancelled after only nine months or so! :confused:


Need to bring back the Nightly News branding at 6pm.


So are we thinking The Morning News is moving to an hour duration this year?


30 minute bulletin in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth this evening due to Seven’s BBL coverage.


I think it’s a mistake.


According to the EPG it’s listed tomorrow as normal for 30mins from 11:30am.


It’s a very poor mistake if so.


I thought maybe when Ann Sanders returns it’ll change to 60 minutes duration.


The V/O isn’t consistent, as well. Plus, why they called it “Australia’s No. 1” instead of Queensland, since they usually air that specific tagline within the state. Probably not all bulletins were leading against their counterparts this year.


That could be it.

Given the same promo has now aired in Brisbane, looks like it could move to 11am.


Interesting neglect of the Early News at 5am also…


I know I shouldn’t be surprised, but after watching Seven News (Adelaide) tonight for the first time in a long while, it has really gone downhill since I last saw it.

When previewing a story in the headlines about a group of children who broke into a building in Rundle Mall, Mike actually used the words “… You won’t believe how young they are!” using their ages as a teaser like I’m watching Buzzfeed TV and not the network’s flagship news bulletin.

Is every story just filled with soundbites of random bystanders these days? The above story must have had 5 or 6 shoppers in Rundle Mall voicing their opinion on how ‘disgusting’ or ‘shameful’ it was these kids has nothing better to do at 2am than to break into a store. Is this what news is now?

And then in before the ad break, a Medibank sponsored ‘health update’? I thought Officeworks was bad over on Nine, but at least they were just ads. This is next level.

Needless to say I can’t wait to see how much more it has degraded when I tune in again in six months time.


Sydney version of the promo has the Morning News at 11:30am.


Brisbane promo fixed up to show morning news at 11.30 and The Latest at 9.30pm.