Seven News Content and Appearance


Regional studio?

Melbourne usually do their national bulletins from the main set, but they change the backdrop to accommodate the national presentation (similar to Sydney’s). And they do show the Melbourne set, but why wouldn’t you, it’s a great set :+1:


Nah when they did the referb he was sitting in front of a screen for a few days…

We can do without the opening and closing pan shots of that set. It hurts my eyes :dizzy_face:


I’m sure that single presenter shots from the Perth set/studio have been seen on national or Sydney news updates in recent months but yeah, possibly the first time they’ve shown a wideshot of the Perth “set” to a national audience.

I know we’ve repeatedly said this, but Seven News Perth needs to get a proper set. Judging by the off-air pics of the studio we’ve seen, there’s definitely the room for a decent quality physical set.

While I’m sure Melbourne has the most technologically modern Seven News set of all markets, the layout of it looks looks distinctively 2005-08 IMO.

TBH I kind of wish the network would do some form of standardised set design for all five metro markets with perhaps, a smaller scale version for the Gold Coast & Regional Queensland. Of course make the standardised set design a multi-purpose one so it can be used for multiple bulletins/programs (eg, Today Tonight in Perth & Adelaide and all the various shows from Sydney) and with a variety of camera angles.

And yes, I get the whole “every market is different” philosophy. But with Seven News more or less having some form of standardised graphics/theme music package in every market (rightly so too in this day and age), the sets may as well receive a similar treatment so there’s a fairly consistent brand regardless of whether a national bulletin is presented from Sydney, Melbourne or Perth. Nine, Ten & the ABC all seem to have the right idea in this department.


Just use one of @GradyACN’s designs. Simple as that.

Perhaps Seven Perth needs a new news director who will address all their current problems and fix them. The main backbone of the bulletin is fine. The superficial stuff needs fixing, specifically presentation.


They did receive a new News Director a few months back, David Cooper, a senior journalist. I’ve noticed a few differences to the Bulletin, but a majority of the format remains the same.


You’re all forgetting that the 6pm Perth bulletin rates double to triple all of its competitors, they’re not going to spend a cent on that set unless absolutely necessary.


Seven still have local news at 4.00 this afternoon. Nine going out national again.


Nice 30 second closer on Brisbane’s 4pm news today.


Brisbane now has “60 years” under the 7News logo during the bulletin as well. Didn’t notice it at 4pm.


Seen here a couple of nights ago:


7 perth celebrates 60 years on the 16th October this year
Might need to start using the 60 years as well


I reckon it’d look nice with the city name under 7 News logo where the 60 YEARS is.


Across Qld they have the city/area name in front of the 7 logo with an arrow between.


What happened with that opener on the Sydney 6pm news tonight? V/O cut off from “Live from our Sydney headquar” while music continued being played out.


It would have something to do with the opening story last night (suspicious packages found in embassies/consulates) because the breaking news sting is heard immediately after that.


Perth went to air 16 October 1959
Brisbane went to air 1 November 1959 :thinking:


Some snaps of tonight’s Melbourne bulletin

Sport/Weather preview


Return from ad break/going to ad break

Would be great if they used the video wall for standing presentations (like they do in the Afternoon News) and use it for live crosses. It’ll be something different


Caps from Perth …

Afternoon News:

6pm News:



Seven News Brisbane promo


Wow, that first cap of the Sunrise team is very old. It’s from February, 2016 - before they tweaked the set.