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I’m less than enthused about the very bland news retrospective promo, but I presume there’s plenty more we’ve yet to see.

Just saying.


Just joining the “is it 60 years or is it not” conversation because I am bored… the safe way around it if they want to begin celebrations now is “celebrating our 60th year” because he 60th year begins the day after a 59th birthday.

The actual 60th birthday is in 2019 so to say “squeezing 60 years of news into 60 seconds” at this point in the timeline is wrong.

I’m not even sure they had news from day one (does anyone know?). If they didn’t “60 years of news” may not even happen for several years.

I’m sure others may have made these same points earlier but like I said I was bored.

And these are of course important matters that must be resolved for the greater good.


I don’t know about QTQ-9, but the guide for the first day of BTQ-7 on @TelevisionAU’s brilliant website would suggest that they had some form of news bulletin on the very first day of transmission in 1959:

Surely most stations would’ve started airing news on either the first or second night of transmission? I’d be surprised if very many waited several years.


I’m sure you’re right and if, as you say, a TV guide indicates there was a news service, then 60 years it is.

I’m guessing most if not all metro stations offered some sort of news service from day one, but it may have been a different story in regional areas.


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Some people do have birthday weeks/ months haha…even years.
I was awarded a 30 year service certificate for my job DURING my 30th year, not at the end.
We started celebrating Australia’s bicentennial from 1 Jan 1988 not from 26 Jan…
Who cares really? They’re obviously going to celebrate 60 years on more than one day… who cares if it’s before or after?


So with the ‘The Latest’’ debuting during the week, do any of expect some sort of mini refresh since it uses a different style to their regular bulletins? If not then, then perhaps for the website relaunch.

On a side note, I still find it puzzling that they use the 2004-2016 Seven News theme for the 30 second Officeworks insert ads, though I’m glad they do as the newer theme doesn’t have as much oomph that the old one did and grabs your attention, it actually makes you want to watch the News IMO.


New promo airing in Sydney- I am sure someone can record it. Certainly not their finest.


This one?

Not the worst promo ever but I agree, not their finest. I’m sure (or at least hope) Nine News Sydney will do something that’s way better than this to celebrate 10 years of Peter Overton!


I just love it when they use “Australias No.1” line to promote a state broadcast that is Number 2. Yes, NSW and VIC have quite a large population. But Seven wouldn’t be number 1 if it wasn’t for WA/SA so they really are stretching it there trying to promote Mark Ferguson.


Important news!
I think that Seven News (in Melbourne anyway) has new microphone flags with ‘News’ in the current font. The previous mic flags were certainly starting to look old.


Seven Perth have carried the same Mic Flags with the 2004 font for ages… Wonder if they are due for them as well, as Mic Flags don’t usually change in one city only. Hopefully they are too!

Aesthetic wise, do they look the same with the same stacked style logo as before?




@KnowItAll You are obsessed with eggplants… must be constantly on your mind :astonished:


From tonight’s bulletin


Yep, still stacked as shown by the caps above.


Seven keeping their local afternoon edition going. I don’t think they’ll stop, bar Xmas day.


Maybe for a fornight from next week? I think that is what happened in QLD last year.


I seen a new Breaking News update graphic on an update on the 7 News Sydney Facebook page. Haven’t seen it before…I could be wrong?


Was it this?

It has been used for a little while now, online at least.