Seven News Content and Appearance


Did they also copycat the wrong year for the dismissal? :wink:


Apologies it’s not the sharpest cap, but this is a new end tag for 7 News Melbourne I saw tonight. The camera moves around - that’s why it’s not centred.

The previous version was Mitch, Tim and Jane in the studio.


Sorry for the double post. :grimacing: This is an end tag that was used for one of those promos for a story next week.


Tbh am not a fan.
It shows the culture right there - everyone looks so uncomfortable.
Thanks for the cap tho


Seven have fixed the “graphics error” with s second version.


It would look a lot better if the Australia 108 building was completed in the background . The city skyline behind them has way too many cranes. Might have been better doing it from the Docklands end of the city.


59 years actually Pete…


Yes - both Nine and Seven have gone early with their 60 year celebrations - really not due until August and November 2019 respectively.


Correct - they can’t help themselves.


If 1959 was the first year, 2019 will be the 61st year. November 2018 commences the 60th year.


Promo say “60 years of bringing Queenslanders the news” - that won’t have occurred until November 2019.


100% correct.


I’m with you, but it’s easy to see the other point of view.


I agree, but it’ll be too late in the calendar/ratings year to be worth promoting. I’d be doing what they’re doing if I was them. Make the most of it for the whole year…


Indeed. Did I tell you I’m celebrating Christmas 2019 this year?


that’s not how a total number works.

Number 1 is year 0 (the first year.) Number 60 is year 59.

like how this is the 21st century, but it’s 2018… not 2118.


No. Its 59 years, 1 month and 15 days - no more… No different to saying that I’m celebrating my birthday 11 months early…


Rick made a subtle sneaky snipe at Trivago on Friday’s bulletin during a preview for a story after the break, regarding them being under fire by the ACC Watchdog due to its ‘best price’ claim. You can watch it at the 16:05 minute mark here on 7 Plus before it expires. Perhaps a bad experience? :stuck_out_tongue:

“Plus, ‘Under Fire’: The travel website in trouble with the competition watchdog.”

* Sue reads her portion before the cross back to Rick *

“…so they should, Trivago-”


All the means to celebrate their 60th anniversary for 3 years.


Yes, and precedes that by saying “In 2019 we mark a milestone…” ie, in 2019 we will celebrate 60 years. Which is correct.

Don’t understand all the butt hurt over this. The promo could say “In 2059 we will mark 100 years” and still be correct.