Seven News Content and Appearance


This concept of running a late news bulletin after sport has been done before by Seven, I think around 2007 Seven Late News used to air after Friday night AFL games?


In Sydney and Brisbane, the late news was shown before the Friday night AFL replay.


I remember that they had a five minute abbreviated update known as ‘Seven Late News’ around this time presented out of Sydney. Or was there are full bulletin I didn’t know about?


Christmas Promo from 7 News Perth, first aired a couple of days ago.


With an unexpected end to the cricket, Queensland’s Afternoon News is being presented from the Gold Coast bureau with Amanda Abate. @TV.Cynic



It doesn’t seem too out of the question given the current look is nearing three years since the 2016 relaunch, Phase 1 which was the rollout of the new ‘The Mission’ theme and OST graphics on February 1st, and with Phase 2 completing the new look with updated supers and opening graphics during Rio on August 8th.

It would make sense to relaunch/refresh to coincide with the re-launch of the 7NEWS website, though if they do a relaunch and bring back that mint violin from the 1999-2004 theme, we’ll be good :ok_hand::violin:

Sounds like a credible news service just listening to it.


I agree that theme is great. I can’t see them doing anything too major in a rebrand though and the current theme song isn’t that old. I’d just imagine tweaks to incorporate the new website.


Yeah, I do agree it will most likely be small tweaks, though the first look at ‘The Latest: Seven News’ may possibly hint some sort of refresh, and spotted by @NewsAustralia recently…

The fact that both Perth and Adelaide appear to have the same set design is telling, and appears to have similar elements, like the glass panes and hints of red, white and black. It doesn’t seem like something that would be done randomly, though a change like this would be pretty radical considering the set differences (virtual VS physical).


I wouldn’t read too much into those images. Probably something that a work experience very kid in Sydney designed seeing as only Adelaide and Perth have TT.
That set has no detail linking it to seven and looks entirely virtual and basic lol.

But back to my point I just don’t see Seven investing in a massive on air relaunch for 7NEWS, they seem to have their $$ strings tightened. If they are using old templates from 7NEWS for the cricket graphics, (the same glossy bar elements) then I think that’s a big enough indicator there’s a budget constraints.
But I guess time will tell :slight_smile:


And TT Adelaide hasn’t used that version of the logo for however long now

The horrible fake set totally looks like it’d be used in PErth though!


On Perth tonight, Rick presented the Weather from the desk instead of Samantha Jolly tonight (I imagine she was absent) and read at a much slower pace than it usually is, one of my gripes with the bulletin was Weather was too fast, and there was a proper sign off with Rick saying along the lines of “That was Seven News up to the minute, we hope you’ve enjoyed our company, now here’s Monica with Today Tonight.” with a soft fade transition and not a abrupt cut like usual. no Sue for some reason, but I can’t recall when the last time there was a sign-off on a normal night!

It was much better presented, I find it was way too fast for their majority of older viewers, it felt much more detailed and clear to understand, all we need now is the return of dual sign offs like it was in the 2000s and early 2010s. If Samantha presents at this pace and throws back to Rick and Sue for a proper sign-off, it would be a much better cross to Today Tonight IMO. Hopefully Seven Perth sticks to this! :+1:


Wow so in depth! Do you work as a studio director at 7 by any chance?


Hopefully perths new director reads this forum :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thats the first bit of personality I’ve seen from him since they scrapped the closer.


From The Latest thread


Just a regular viewer, but I have ambitions to work within the industry :slight_smile:


Thought I’d post an example of a recent 7 News Adelaide evening update and promo, and also the updated social media promo shown coming out of the break before weather. And some other random bits and pieces (e.g. News/TT Segue, Christmas Star competition winner…which could go into a separate video but hey it is late :stuck_out_tongue:). The YouTube description has timestamps if you want to skip ahead.


We can agree with that. Even with only half the amount of airtime they’ve got now, Seven News Sydney still managed to air dubious lead stories like the arrests of Brian McFadden and Joel Madden in 2011 & 2013 respectively.

Going back a bit further in time, I seem to remember reading posts from @TV-Expert on the old forums which detailed some of the dubious quality Seven News Sydney lead stories possibly even while Roscoe was still the main presenter, such as the Oscars and something like a truck crashing into a front yard while Nine had content (can’t quite remember what unfortunately) which was far more worthwhile.

But all things considered, I still miss the old days of Seven News Sydney before most of their good presenters/reporters left. Sarah Cumming & Talitha Cummins were never used to their fullest potential, while there’s no true in-market competition for Mike Dalton on Nine since Damien Smith left Seven.


Turns out that sign-off and Weather presentation in Perth was a one-off, back to the normal format with Amelia Browne Broun tonight. No throw back to Sue either (Rick was absent tonight) it was just “Now with Today Tonight here’s Monica.” Oh well.