Seven News Content and Appearance


What date is new bulletin meant to start?


December 19


It’s just very strange to launch a new bulletin at this time of the year, when most newsrooms are slowing down for the holidays.


It’s the perfect opportunity though to launch on the first night of the Big Bash. It’s extremely popular and what other program will be able to provide them with that big of an audience lead in at 10:30pm at night?


Tonight’s Sydney, Adelaide and Melbourne bulletins will be shown at the end of the day’s play of test cricket in Adelaide.


Sydney and Melbourne news bulletins being pushed back tonight.


I hope they choose to shorten the news as opposed to having the schedule run late all night. They have the luxury with these 60 minute bulletins.


To be honest, it’s none rating season, they can afford to push the schedule back.


No need to shorten news bulletin with a Sunday Night repeat and then movie Absolutely Fabulous scheduled it’s non-rating period anyway.


This is so ridiculous. In the age of multichannels there is absolutely no need for this. The news won’t be on until 7pm at this rate.


Agree, it would be a different story if they had new expensive content tonight, but it’s all repeats.


Doesn’t make it less annoying.

Not that I do but if I wanted to watch Ab Fab I’d have to wait around for god knows how long til Sunday Night ends. It’s inconvenient for viewers.


Inconvenient and uneccesary.



I believe we had a similar discussion last year when Nine had to continue airing the cricket with post-7pm news bulletins in some markets.

Certainly not ideal, but it might be a contractual thing as part of the Cricket Australia broadcast rights. Also, aren’t we forgetting that cricket fans would probably complain about having to watch 7mate SD while the news is on? :wink:

True. Imagine if this happened on Carols In The Domain night in 2-3 weeks time though, social media would probably blow up! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


News commenced at 6:33pm


Thanks for all the info guys, I’ve credited mediaspy in my article.


If the bulletin starts as a production from ATN, I am expecting it to move to the West as a cost-cutting measure. It is a more efficient use of resources.

Plus, Michael isn’t going to work 7 days (maybe it is whoever presents the Sydney bulletin). Unlike Nine, Seven have a number of talented people in Perth who could present the national bulletin.


The Latest: Seven News will be shown at various times on its debut week due to BBL and Carols in the Domain.


Not according to the Foxtel Guide. 10:30pm on those nights.