Seven News Content and Appearance


This is a thread called “Seven News Content and Appearance”. HD content would come under that.


Do we even know if Seven’s is permanent and not just during the cricket? Seems very strange to launch on a Wednesday in December!


I suspect they’re using the first night of the Big Bash to launch it. Surely it’s permanent?

Pretty sure it’s got nothing to do with just being on after the Cricket as it appears the late edition of Seven News will also air on Saturday 22 December after Carols in the Domain.

So it’s looking like they’re committing to late news 7 nights a week. (providing they have a bulletin on the Sunday)


Christmas promo/idents for QLD


The Latest: Seven News also seems to be happening on weekends? Foxtel’s guide has
this down as following Carols in the Domain on Saturday the 22nd. Very interesting :thinking:.


I’m also wondering if we are in for a relaunch of some sorts to coincide with the new site launching early next year. Exciting times for Seven News.


From what I recall, there were only minor tweaks to Nine News (adding into the supers/watermark) when was launched in mid-2014.

I reckon Seven will probably do something similar - perhaps by having the “NEWS” part of the corner screen logo rotating to promote the website.


Either way, it’s exciting times. Who would ever have thought we would have a late night news bulletin 7 nights a week these days. I wonder what the motivation is behind this. It’s a very interesting development.


Seven News Perth just aired an update that was around 3 Minutes long. It featured the weather lower third as seen in Sydney.


Is it “local” if it’s networked? :thinking:


Maybe it is local?


Going from the description, it doesn’t sound like it’ll be local.

Latest news, sport and weather from Australia and around the world.

“from Australia and around the world” and not, for example, “from Sydney, Australia and around and the world” ?


This is true.

Nonetheless, it’s a step in the right direction. Let’s just see if they’re committed long term to keeping this and keeping it at a consistent timeslot. So far it looks like 10:30pm every night.


Wouldn’t it be funny if this was some sort of error “somehow” in the EPG.

Certainly an interesting move to go for 7-night a week late news. One can only think that Nine will provide something soon after as competition.


If Nine is smart, they’ll sneak in Monday week, two days before Seven’s launch.


Has it been confirmed anywhere that this is actually a permanent bulletin?


What do you suggest it is then?


Temporary bulletin for summer or leading up to Christmas.
Without confirmation from the network as yet of the return of a late bulletin.


Na, that’s a waste. Has to be permanent or at the very least, a summer trial.


I agree, the name screams “temporary/over Summer program” to me.

One would imagine that a permanent Seven Late News bulletin would be branded as just that, especially these days.