Seven News Content and Appearance


Hopefully it means the start of good change for Seven News Melbourne. Looking forward to what he can do.


I kinda wish he was still at Seven News Perth before his abrupt sacking in 2011. Perth looks so unpolished compared to the other bulletins, even Southern Cross News Tasmania (i mean 7 Tasmania Nightly News) looks better in comparison. :confused:


Perfect addition, he was the one who actually brought some creativity to Seven Perth before he got sacked. It went downhill with Howard Gretton. Definitely think the Seven Melbourne product will further improve with Shaun. Bit weird how Seven sacked him and now he is back though, they probably regretted their decision.


According to the Foxtel Guide, Seven are launching a late news service called The Latest: Seven News on Wednesday 19.12.18. It is a bulletin according to information on the guide.

Strange they are launching this on a Wednesday night though.


Maybe it is the night after the second cricket test between Australia and India is scheduled to finish? Strange name for the return of Seven’s late news.


What time is it at?


10:30pm - 11pm.



Interesting… this is showing as 10-10:30 pm in Adelaide (following on from 7’s live BBL coverage)


What were the circumstances surrounding his departure from Seven Perth?

And perhaps just as importantly, what has happened to see him welcomed back to the Seven family?


According to the article from TV Tonight from 2011:

The newspaper reports D’Orazio and Menegola have been at loggerheads for several years over staff and content issues.


A Sydney news update from Perth last night, that looks like its in HD. However I thought only Sydney and Melbourne studios had HD output? Unless only the presentation was done in Perth, but it was edited in Sydney?


I think from what i’ve seen, They feed the camera back to Sydney and then play the footage down and edit and playout from Sydney


I would’ve thought that Seven Perth was capable of HD playout, because those studios are only three or four years old.


I’d be quite surprised if that is the case since their current studio has been used since 2015, Perth bulletins look like they are HD, unless they just up-scaled them.


Seven Perth is HD capable. Only Adelaide and Brisbane aren’t.


Perth is definitely HD, the backgrounds behind presenters are low quality (especially afternoon news one) so it may at times look up scaled but it isn’t


Cricket - styled news update opener


I can’t believe this one hasn’t been mentioned yet, but it seems like Seven News Sydney are getting more native HD content into their bulletins with actual report content & more live crosses now going to air in native HD.

Some content was still only upconverted SD, things like the Federal Politics report were to be expected but last night Mel McLaughlin had an “Exclusive” interview with some cricketer and only the only camera which appeared to be in HD was the one focused on the interviewee. Not sure what the go was there!

Also while I’m here, Christmas Lights Super:

Keeping with the Western Sydney theme of this news service, the house featured there is at Smithfield.


I know right! Because we’re all wanting to report about certain native HD content in a specific news bulletin…