Seven News Content and Appearance


Sydney weather yes, Queensland bushfire maybe not, that’s a story of national significance. The Hird story deserved a brief mention later in the bulletin.


From August 8, 2016 - only lasted a very short period of time before they were tweaked to the considerably more legible (and smaller) ones we have now:

Just taking a look at that one with Brownie, you can imagine how it might’ve clashed on lighter backgrounds and be hard to read in compressed SD.


Ah I thought you were referring to the reporter supers. But yeah, those graphics are gross. Glad they didn’t last long (personally I would scrap the presenter supers altogether).


Morning News this morning started with “Live from our Sydney Headquarters, this is Seven’s Morning News with Sally Bowrey” - haven’t heard the Sydney Headquarters on the morning news before


They used it on the 5pm News on Sat when Rob Ovadia anchored.


No mention of late breaking news regarding Michael Kroger stepping down after the Lib’s election debacle on the 8:30 update (made it onto the very end of ABC news), looks like Mike had an early night.


Over winter, they have the 4pm news presenter stay back on Friday nights. I suppose when the AFL isn’t on, it’s not worth it?


I recall a few years ago Mitchell got caught out prerecording, look like nothing’s changed.


Yes, I remember that well, Rebecca Maddern started producing live updates soon after.
Peter Mitchell then (started) staying back an extra hour during the evenings. Friday and Saturday seem to be the exception.

Nine Melbourne usually close up around 9pm. Don’t get me started on 10 Melbourne.


Seven just had a (near) live update from Perth with the latest news. This is becoming more common and makes sense having late night updates presented from the west.


I see, I missed it, flicked over after Blake. But yes, makes sense to use Perth.


Ten’s been doing this for some time too. The Perth team can monitor breaking news long after the Sydney team are in bed. Let’s presume that the Perth team leaves at 10pm DST (I actually have no clue), the east coast can get potential breaking news until 1am NSW/VIC/TAS, 12am QLD, or 12:30am SA.


Yes, and Nine now do this on weekends.

The ABC also utilizes it’s Perth operations, for news bulletin shown (on its news channel) after midnight on the East Coast.


I reckon Nine used to do national late night updates out of Perth, they still might but i’m not sure. They were generally presented by Liam Bartlett from memory.
EDIT: Beaten.


Its been happening for a couple of months now, including the Late Sydney update. Heres one of the recent national ones from @ScreenTower


I don’t see these posted here too often.
This is tonight’s full bulletin of 7 News QLD, this is the cutdown 30-minute version shown in Regional QLD.

Note the coverup graphics in the top left used to cover the live clock, as well as the cuts in the opener, as well as the dodgy transitions between stories.

Check out the transitions at 3:30, 5:20, and the dodgy cross to sport at 9:55 where Brisbane is suddenly dark in the background after being broad daylight 50 seconds earlier.

From 13:55 when sport starts, the Regional QLD version skips ahead to simulcast the live bulletin.


Love this video of Sue!!

Haven’t managed to catch one of these updates yet, but it’s great to see her getting some national exposure. So much authority and credibility.


Minor notes - no afternoon news during test matches; No Morning News during first test; No Gold Coast news during the 2nd test.


Seven Melbourne appoints News Director

Channel Seven today announced the appointment of Shaun Menegola , News Director, Seven Melbourne.

Network Director of News and Public Affairs Craig McPherson said;

“Shaun has one of the sharpest minds in the news business. His energy and quest for excellence will help drive our formidable Seven News Melbourne team to further success.”

Shaun began his career in newspapers before moving to television in 1993. After a successful reporting career, Shaun has held a number of senior positions inside television including News Director roles with leading news bulletins.

Shaun will commence his role at Seven News Melbourne in the new year.


Well, I guess we now know why he recently resigned from Nine News Perth…