Seven News Content and Appearance


@ByronBay As I live in QLD, the Morning News is only airing now. This pre-recorded segment was recorded (during TMS) for the semi-national bulletin.

I would say it is easier for Melbourne to add 5 mins of Sunrise/TMS/TDE Best bits and take The Daily Edition live (but late) with Sydney.


Actually, true.

If someone in Melbourne could observe the next hour and especially bang on 2pm carefully and see what happens, that’d be fab! Am unavailable now, but would’ve otherwise.


They’ll extend 5 breaks by 60 seconds each to make up the five minutes… it’s pretty simple really. No need for extra program content or “best bits”

Or Sydney will reduce 5 breaks by 60 seconds.

It doesn’t happen all the time but often enough for there to be a fairly straight forward procedure to bring the network back into sync.



Brownie does these often. They’re streamed live to Twitter (via Periscope, I believe). Usually it’s a pretty casual affair - he’ll sometimes talk to the people behind the camera or tell the newsroom to “keep the noise down over there”.

(Cap from a previous date)



Fergo wasn’t on location for coverage of the bushfires around Holsworthy/Menai back in April (which unlike Tathra in March, were bushfires which actually affected their main viewing area), so I don’t see why he’d be out and about tonight.


Queensland’s 4pm news today:

6pm in Sydney:


FMD first story on Seven News Melbourne is James Hird being in hospital after being knocked off his bike. Live cross and all…


Biggest breaking important “exclusive” Of the day!


Forget bushfires raging through Queensland or a superstorm smashing NSW, this is the story of the year! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:







It was the same deal on 9 Melbourne tonight too.

I flicked over to Jane for the weather and noticed they finally removed the image of Bill McDonald and Sharyn Ghidella from their website graphic at the end of the bulletin. Apologies if it’s been mentioned before - but it had the former QLD team in the image for a very long time after Bill departed the network.


It is a Melbourne bulletin; much more relevant than interstate weather.

Even Brisbane replaced it before them!


As first story and live cross? Possibly the opposition leader resigning should have been ahead. I’m big AFL fan, but Melbourne’s commercial media assuming a former player (decent one) and coach (not so decent) with baggage being knocked off his bike and being checked out at hospital is the lead story on the 6pm news is disgraceful.



Sure, politics isn’t always a popular commercial TV news lead story. But the resignation of an opposition leader (be it federal or one for the relevant state) should always be item #1 on all networks unless something extremely significant overtakes it in importance IMO.


Sydney’s 6pm news covering the “super storm” in Sydney.


I don’t have the Melbourne bulletin to compare the rundown. I was saying that an AFL story should be ahead of either the Sydney storm or Brisbane’s bushfires; which I think was suggested. I know the matter of the story is trivial though.