Seven News Content and Appearance


From what l have read Peter will also be anchoring the 6pm bulletin with Mike Amor reporting the election from Mulgrave where Daniel Andrew’s will be tonight.


"only by Australian " :upside_down_face:


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7 News Melbourne had weather done from the esplanade of Docklands. Looked great and should be done more over summer!
Pre recorded closer due to the studio being used for the Elecetion coverage. You could tell as the pre recorded playback was in fuzzy SD quality



New promo just aired in Perth. It featured the Europe and US Correspondents saying that when its 6PM in Perth the day is just starting in the US and Europe and that they are ready to cross to Rick and Sue which is why “Nobody Knows News Like Seven”


How bout they update that tagline?


Prefer the previous “Pulse of Perth” tagline to tell you the truth, it seems more modern and relevant since Seven has a large dominance in Perth


Just a suggestion…

Edit: I think location is key to making the station relevant to viewers. No one covers the world/Australia/the West™/elsewhere like we do. Also, you can “know” something, but “covering” it requires getting out there. It’s an action word.

I’m also interested in seeing 7 detach itself from being the monolith in WA TV. “We” instead of “7” would help with that.


I don’t get Seven News Brisbane. They send their anchor Max Futcher over to Thailand for special coverage yet last night and tonight, he was on the desk as homes burned in our own backyard.


Saw this story from Seven yesterday and couldn’t decide which part of this very public breakfast meeting was secret :thinking:


Tonight would be the perfect opportunity to get Fergo out of the studio…


Seven Morning News - special bulletin with Ann Sanders for Sydney viewers on the Sydney weather, with at least three reporters standing by live. (Very relevant here in northern NSW where the sun is shining!)


And Mike Amor is anchoring the semi-national Morning News from HSV.


Makes perfect sense being a half hour bulletin, couldn’t possibly cover all the Sydney weather news and have time for everything else, otherwise it’d look a half baked effort and alienate audiences wanting extensive info about the weather.

I wonder if the special Sydney bulletin will go an hour? Though BCM would have to adjust the networked schedule for that market, with the midday movie, etc.


This is strange:

David Brown sitting down and presenting the weather from the newsroom. Did this go to air? If so, are you sure ATN didn’t have news during TMS. Maybe this was just for online purposes?

Wouldn’t doubt it. Seven have put an incredible effort into their coverage today.


Didn’t go to air here - Brownie’s weather was like presented like it usually is. NSW bulletin now going over half an hour - sport has just finished and will be coming back after the break with more on the weather (it’s now 12 noon).


The latest TV Blackbox podcast was pertinent to this, with a question from a listener asked about ‘breaking news’.

Rob McKnight said it all depends on the day, time and if a news production is already on air or not. Also saying they have to liaise with broadcast or programming to see how long they can extend or not.

So maybe whoever is in charge on duty at the moment (in terms of supervising programming play-out for day time) didn’t think it warranted longer than midday or wasn’t able to change the line-up in time?


Mike Amor gave a pathetic one graphic, 10sec weather overview and bulletin quickly ended here. Midday movie commenced as per EPG.

What’s happening in Sydney as at 12:05?


Seven Morning News has just finished in NSW at 12:05. Came back after 12 with another check of the headlines and then a Sydney weather report (not statewide or national) from David Brown.


So a few minutes behind Melbourne now (AEDT network schedule).

Because TDE is live (produced in Sydney no less) BCM will have to edit a few ad breaks (probably remove some promos)?