Seven News Content and Appearance


Haha are you having a laugh mate? I wasn’t judging his looks I was judging the way he holds his head it makes his head disproportionate to his body. Some people have bad ocds and his stance can leave anyone Feeling like I do when I see him. Has nothing what so ever to do with his looks get a grip.


His posture of having his body off-axis to the camera while his head slightly turned towards it is a little odd. Feels like an old Brian Williams pick-up.


His posture yes, that was the word I was looking for!


I still fail to see how his “posture of having his body off-axis to the camera” gives any reason for people to judge his news-reading ability, nor explain why people can/can’t watch him.

How is he supposed to change that?


Oh, it’s television. It’s all out there for viewers to see, whether they like it or not.

As for his posture, I suspect he can change it easily. If I’m being paid hundreds of thousands to sit slouched for an hour and I’m then told to sit up straight, I would.

Edit: All said, I don’t mind his reading at all.


Unfortunately, this tweet is nothing to do with news presentation in Brisbane :wink:


Like it or not, television is a visual medium. That doesn’t mean every presenter needs to fit a certain mould or be “attractive” but it does mean that viewers will respond to the way they present themselves on-screen and Mark is usually quite uncomfortable to watch (though not as bad as David Muir who looks like he’s desperate to get to the toilet every night).


I agree. One can just imagine many older viewers (which let’s be honest, is just about the target demographic for the 6pm news these days) going “Sit up straight!” while watching Mark Ferguson. :stuck_out_tongue:


Doesn’t Peter Overton usually lean to the left? I don’t think it’s a Fergo exclusive.


True…but it’s also been the way for many years including when Sharyn was weekend newsreader and even back to Tracy Challenor


Nine has always struggled in Brisbane because Seven have some really talented anchors on weekends.


Since around 2005, you and spw68 are probably right about Seven News Queensland having the stronger presenters.

But always? I’m not sure about that, personally I was under the impression that National Nine News (as it was known back then) had strong weekend presenter combinations in Queensland during the Late '80s, 1990s and at least the first half of the 2000s.


Seven News Perth just ran a live cross from the AFL Draft in Melbourne with an on-screen clock saying “Live 3.28pm Melbourne”, when the time in Melbourne was actually 9.28pm.


Oh dear, someone set the time zone setting wrong in the Viz graphic template. :joy:


Perhaps a new virtual set for Perth coming soon?


What a poor group shot! Individual shots all stuck together like that! Yuck!


and he also does this thing where he looks down on us like the peasants we are.


Will Peter Mitchell be presenting the 6pm news, or Mike Amor? I’m assuming it’ll come from the smaller studio where they do live crosses to Sunrise.


Last election night, Peter Mitchell presented at 6 and came from the main studio (news)


I never said “always”… but I’m remembering Kim Watkins way back too and think she may have been popular as well…