Seven News Content and Appearance


Ahh yes, I remember a particular Seven News Sydney reporter (who I believe is no longer on our screens) really bagging the idea. If that tweet is still up, someone should re-post it!

I agree, Seven will probably eventually be brought out by either News Corp or (less likely, but perhaps the preferred scenario by most on this forum) NBC Universal.

Although they were complacent with their on-air product and lost it to Seven during the course of the 2000s, didn’t Nine actually have a very good online presence with ninemsn back in the day?

From what I remember, Seven experimented with a few online brands (, i7, i7AOL, ALO7,) until settling with Yahoo7 which stuck around until fairly recently.


I might be the only one but I could actually see that happening in the future, with Ten being the first of this perhaps ‘trend’ networks like NBC may swoop if an event was to occur. Although Seven does appear to be in a strong financial position at the moment? however, as we have seen with Ten anything can happen in the space of a few years.

Nine has to be commended for there presence online, being from Perth I always turn to Seven on TV. However, imo the Nine News website is fantastic and they seem to have got it right with the social media offerings which is something networks like 7, 10 and ABC are now adopting. Hopefully the move away from Yahoo might make sevens news website offering acceptable


Exactly! And looking at they Yahoo7 relationship, their product with their combined resources is far inferior compared to Nines News site. Now you see Seven jumping out of the Yahoo relationship and basically doing a Nine and yet again, playing catch-up.

Anyway if Peter Mitchell was bagging it on air, that’s really disappointing.


I was curious and had to go back and find this bagging out. Viewed in context, it’s quite ho-hum. It was the intro to a voice over report on 7’s AGM and just attributed the quote to Kerry Stokes.

It wasn’t the best way to intro a voice over on the network’s AGM, but funnily enough it was also the headline for Fairfax’s report.

Also, how ominous does Mitch sound at the end when he reads: “he also warned of a $30 million savings drive.” :neutral_face:


A news story!?..that’s just crap! So pathetic!


I don’t think it’s as malicious as mentioned, but it definitely was a spin story that is better off not being on. I certainly cringed when I saw it last night.


More often than not the most successful innovators are not first to market. Just because nine are going before seven does not mean seven are dinosaurs.

Look at MySpace then Facebook. Nokia then Apple etc


SAS Adelaide’s sport telecast van seen today at the equestrian events in Victoria Park. The paintwork is surprisingly in fair condition.

A recorded announcement also advertised the 6PM news with Jane Doyle and John “Riddle”. :joy:


Is that an OB Truck? I thought they sold them off years ago like most stations.


2003 - present logo, with the slogan that lasted until 2002 and the sport logo used in the early 2000s as well!
I actually genuinely thought that it was a restored van on display at a historical machinery show, it looks so old!


As an 80s-era Isuzu JCR, it wouldn’t look out of place in one :joy:


I’m surprised SAS still have one! BTQ got rid of theirs aaaaaages ago.


That looks like it could be the same truck that plods along to Carols by Candlelight (Adelaide) each year the concert is broadcast:

(photo from 2017)


Im not sure, but maybe the Adelaide market doesn’t have the ability to outsource these operations out, like they do in Melbourne and Sydney.


With the weeknight bulletins beating Nine in 2018, weekends are really smashing them in Brisbane with a 100,000 gap last Saturday, following a similar result to the Sunday prior.


Hmm, it’s almost as if Seven has an extremely popular newsreader on weekends in South East Queensland! :wink:


Also, how much money did Nine REALLY save in setting off news production blueprints that would destroy ratings in both QLD and Darwin at the same time? That’s no fair to Jono, either.


95k for QTQ9 is the lowest in AGES! holy.


How can anyone actually watch Mark Ferguson? The way he holds his head alone makes me feel uncomfortable and that’s just from looking at caps.


So… it’s ok to judge people based on their looks now?