Seven News Content and Appearance


Armistice Day Coverage from 10:55-11:30 am tomorrow.


How long has Perth had weekend Afternoon News?


What time?


Literally just then lol, it just finished as it was only a half an hour bulletin. That’s new.


East Coast didn’t have one due to Horse Racing. I’d say it was a one off for Perth.


That makes sense.


Remembrance Day coverage hosted by Michael Usher.


Katrina Blowers and the Brisbane team were almost 100,000 viewers ahead last night!


I think it’s about time Seven Perth refreshed there update ender… it’s 4 years old and different backgrounds have been introduced since then.


Not to mention that the font used for the “NOBODY KNOWS NEWS LIKE SEVEN.” text is some variant of Arial - yuck!


It’s been the same since the 2015 Set Relaunch! It’s disappointing that Seven Perth has cheapened up on the Set just because they are a News ratings juggernaut in Perth, hopefully the next time it is updated they have an updated set, or at least a better virtual one, but not holding my breath. It feels like polish to the bulletin went out the window once the move from Dianella to Osborne Park. :confused:


Seven News Perth is probably to the Australian TV news landscape this decade what Nine’s Sydney & Melbourne bulletins used to be - outdated production/presentation standards until genuine ratings competition forced them to step things up!


Perth’s bulletins’ (Afternoon and Nightly) just feel so chopped up and rough at times, there doesn’t seem to be any transition between segments, it just kinda cuts abruptly it, there are often technical mistakes, and it boggles my mind why Rick and Sue don’t get a sign-off unless it’s something for a special event like the Commonwealth Games coverage this year…

I know sign-offs are a little thing, but when they’ve both been going for a duo for over 30 years now and have both surpassed the previous World Record holders, you’d think they’d deserve one, don’t you? :confused:


Also, how often have they presented as a pair in the same studio this year? Plenty of big stories to warrant OBs with one of the anchors, for sure, but it seems like I hear about a lot of nights where one is presenting solo, then the other presents solo for the next weeks.


They have pretty much been there most of the time this year, I do recall perhaps last year Rick was away for 6-8 weeks or something . They also alternate and fill in the afternoon news which in essence is 2 30 minute bulletins so that could warrant some extra time off during the week if needed.

When you have been presenting the same broadcast for over 30 years I do think they deserve a little more time off.


How is that bogan? Aren’t they allowed to promote their own service?


Is that any surprises though?

Can’t wait for the day Seven and News Corp merge and Nine’s serve on that.


Oh god no! Keep the Murdochs away!


On air?

It’s kinda funny they are targeting Nine… yet they did the same thing with “The West”. Now they have flipped it. If anything sounds like sour grapes they couldn’t approach Fairfax.
Reminds me of the time when @blackbox started doing the 9stream live and all the Seven dinosaurs on Twitter were bagging the shit out of it and how social media was a fad.
Nine then had a massive social media presence and were a leader in the field Seven freaked and had to play catch-up and only became significant within the social media landscape the last few years. Yet they were so complacent and that they didn’t need it.
It’s funny.
I can’t see Seven remaining “independent” they bag it now, but give it a year or two and they will do the exact same thing. It’s inevitable they will be forced to innovate even if the dinosaurs don’t want to, the business as it stands isn’t viable. You see it based off the content they produce. All cheap reality and a few tele movies. Compare that to 5-10 years back when you had a mix. Now they can’t afford to run a full length drama.


Reminds me of what Nine was like in the start of the new millennium, while Seven was the innovative one back in the day.