Seven News Content and Appearance


Of course I’m right :wink: hehe


Tuesday -
Melbourne 6pm News from Flemington Racecourse tonight.


Interest rates


Brisbane Seven Afternoon News at 4.30 in Brisbane today. (image from 7HD!)


Desk plasma off in Sydney closer


Special backdrop for 7 News Adelaide tonight:


Home today. Watching Seven’s Local Afternoon News at the moment, haven’t seen the bulletin in awhile. I must say, its improved a lot since last year. How often does Mike present it?

Also, Tom Brown filling in on Sport. I think this is a first?


Mike presents Tuesday to Thursday while Jacqueline presents Monday & Friday.

I think so, Sean Sowerby is on holidays.



Could easily fit a decent set rather than that trash.


Where is this set from?




It is the Perth set as @Nicholas says but the images are from here


The virtual set mustn’t feel too amazing for the presenters to be sitting in either.


I feel that the glare from the green screen could damage ones eyes if you’re continually around it.


So cheap. But they could present from a trestle table in front of a black curtain in Perth and still smash everyone in the ratings, so I’m sure the thought process is why bother wasting the money.


Itegrity of what you’re offering perhaps?

Although when I saw Graham Butler do a love cross last night, looking all shabby like he’d just ran from the car, no tie, I did think the same thing. They just don’t care.


Graphics blooper for the separated twins story in Melbourne tonight.


I guess it’s a blooper, but I think it’s more like poor planning.


This happed due to the breaking news. Prior to this they had the 2 way boxes with Blake in Bourke St, and they switched the OTS too quick and it happened within the 2 way cross. And the camera repositioned mid way.