Seven News Content and Appearance


To me there was no last minute news in that update, so cant Fergo record that straight after the bully?


Seven News in Perth only runs for 30 mins on weeknights, if the Sydney update wasn’t pre-recorded, it could have come from a TOS studio.


All graphics are stored on the Vizrt server nationally. So what TVW would do is copy ATN’s update template from iNews, and use that locally. No difference to the viewer.

And I’ll say it again, local 7:30pm and 8:30pm updates are recorded right after the 6pm bulletin finishes.


I reckon that there will be some sort of on-air refresh to coincide with this, and an addition of “” into the super like Nine.


They’ll likely have to change back to a horizontal logo to make the “” fit.


As much as I really hope Seven News throws down the gauntlet in 2019 with a refresh which makes the current branding & On-Air Presentation of Nine News look comparatively dated (even then, I’d probably expect Nine News to do something big for 2020 and their move from Willoughby to North Sydney), I personally won’t be overly surprised if they just do minor tweaks to their current look such as adding “” into the supers and/or watermark like Nine have in recent years.

Although regardless of what they do with their website & branding, by far the two biggest problems with Seven News are still the quality of their content and presenters/reporters - particularly in Sydney & Melbourne. Fix those issues and then you might have a news service that’s genuine competition for Nine in Australia’s two largest cities.


Sooner that is relaunched the better. The Yahoo7 tie up is really holding the service back. TenDaily I’d say has already surpassed it in terms of quality.


It’s even more AIDS in WA with the news site being under tripe. Hopefully they can pull their fingers out and brand the whole l news as one instead of three as is now.


Thats actually recently been reverted back ( But yeah it was the biggest pain, the whole Seven News site in WA always redirected to the west and it was so hard to access the normal site.


that’s great news. for some reason when I wanna go to perth news I get reverted to the west. might just be my browser settings or whatever though.


Pretty sure Perth got a local news at 5 with Angie Asimus. They made a lot of reference to Seven News Perth and at the closer told viewers to stand by for Seven news Perth at 6pm


Yeah, a couple of graphics bloopers too.


Do we think this was recorded LIVE at 8pm AEDT, or just the usual 5pm?


Someone needs to go back to school - that conclusion doesn’t follow. BTW when did Daily Edition and The Morning Show become news services?


While not strictly news programmes, both are produced by the news department and fall under the same umbrella.


By what measure can Seven claim that Mark Ferguson & Peter Mitchell are #1? :confused:


Australia’s #1


I would change ‘The Daily Edition’ to ‘The Afternoon Show’, then keep the same logo as TMS (except obviously changing morning to afternoon) and then they can use the same set, which will look a million times better.


Minor blooper in Brisbane tonight with blacked out screens at the desk for the start of the bulletin.

But it was fine at the end.


Poor Kay looks so lonely at that desk.

One of the best in the business, but treated so poorly.