Seven News Content and Appearance


The Sydney set is hideous, IMO Melbourne and Adelaide have the best sets. Seven should minimise the blue and take inspiration from the silver and red schemes in Melbourne and Adelaide with perhaps a minor blue accent.


Sadly Australian networks don’t have the funding or space that NBC & WNBC have, but Seven could certainly do with a brighter set.

I love the fact that WNBC’s set was built by CBS Scenic. Would you see that same level of cooperation in Australia?


Melbourne’s and Brisbane’s local Afternoon News completely replaces the national bulletin and runs from 4-5pm. As you know, Perth’s starts at 4.30.


Like sharing helicopters? Yes!


Don’t get the hate for the Sydney set. I love it. It’s modern and clean. All markets should have it IMO


Agreed. I think Seven’s Sydney set should be the standard (minus the blue, and get a bigger screen for presentation and weather etc).


I like 7 Sydney’s set too.


Definitely agree that it is a nice set. But I still prefer the Seven Melbourne set as it still looks quite modern and clean. One of the only issues I have with the set is at the top of the backdrop with the repetition of ‘Seven News’ in blue. That needs to be removed. Also, the background they use in the Afternoon local news is just ugly.


That set could easily fit within HSV7… heck they could even incorporate the Melbourne newsroom into it.


Seven News Sydney deputy news director Stuart Wallace finished on Friday after 11 years in the role and 15 years with the network. He was tipped to replace Chris Willis at one stage.


If you ask me, the current Seven News Sydney/national set looks like something from ten years ago.

Not really a fan of it or any of the current news sets in use TBH. Nine’s was the best in Sydney until they had the absolutely ridiculous idea of alienating their viewers by moving away from the traditional style of branding for the news and dragging their On-Air Presentation standards down slightly to Seven/Ten levels.


It’s not the 1980s or the 90s anymore. The world is moving on in terms of news presentation. And I think that all Australian networks should be moving on from the traditional style that would’ve appealed to viewers 20 years ago. Soon, all Australian sets will look different and the current sets will become rubbish.

I did think that the Nine Set might be a bit too much for Sydney and Melbourne viewers. But after seeing those sets and on air presentation for the first time, I have to say it looks great and Sydney/Melbourne viewers deserve this change. The current set will soon become the norm and the traditional presentation in the future.


You can pull off the same style in a smaller space.


Well it hasn’t affected Melbourne… numbers have increased slightly from the last two weeks.


Opener, sport and closer for tonight’s edition of Seven News Melbourne…


I don’t know if this has been seen before tonight, but Seven News Sydney did some tweaks to their set lighting. I wish I could say this is an improvement, but unfortunately it isn’t IMO! :confused:

I’m not sure if this one has been posted before, but here’s a cap of the alternative camera angle seen after Sport as a bonus!


Here’s the national version I posted earlier (with the 2nd national globe)


@Brad Thanks for both videos from Nine News Melbourne and Seven News Melbourne. Having watched both of the bulletins, I couldn’t help but feel that Seven News felt more superior (I have a feeling that Jen is 99% of the reason why) than Nine which felt like amateur hour.

That is vile.



The set itself is not bad but it’s really let down by the mismatched colours, random graphics and poor lighting decisions. And it’s even worse now that they’ve ditched the jib and tweaked some of the angles as a result, feels completely flat especially compared to Nine who have just gone in the opposite direction with their new track cameras.


Class is in session :confused: