Seven News Content and Appearance


Haven’t seen Melbourne use this angle before (from 12:20);


Looks quite good actually


Does anyone have the full report from 7News Sydney of the Police and Fire simulation?


It could possibly be on Plus7.


Just checked and they don’t even have 7News on there anymore.


When did the story air? Your best bet if you miss the bulletin on Plus7 (they upload the Sydney bulletin most days but it expires within 24 hours unlike Nine who seem to leave their bulletins up forever) is their website (the one, not Yahoo7 or Plus7) or their facebook page.


It expires 24 hours after the bulletin has aired.


After the recent increase in numbers to Nine News Melbourne and the response to its new fresher set, we might see more of these angles and adjustments at Seven.

Seven need to look at upgrading the set in Melbourne.


I haven’t noticed any increase in the ratings for Nine in Melbourne. They are at or below where they were last year at this time.


Indeed. Although I do wonder if they’ll choose a new set concept or do a ‘Martin Place’ Set in HSV-7 as well…


I really miss this promo produced in Perth, it just looks so authoritative and professional.


I don’t think they do. All it needs is a makeover and a new desk. I think it’s aged a hell of a lot better than others around the country at present! The core of that set is still fine. They just need to add elements… presentation areas etc.

I’m glad they have finally adopted full screen OTS on the set plasmas. Looks a hell of a lot more professional than the standard blue ones they use which date the whole look IMO.


Personally I’d prefer they stayed away from the Sydney set and went with something different that could be built later on in Sydney. Not a fan of the Sydney one.


I wish HSV News went with something similar to WNBC New York. It makes the city part of the set way better than random screens everywhere and looks far classier.


I thought that Lightwell (same company which did the 2014-current ABC News backdrop graphics) did ITV News’ current virtual set. There are also companies based in Australia which specialise in high quality sets & graphics for TV, like DD8 which Nine has been using rather heavily for their more recent branding.

Although even if Seven did go for a highly regarded international broadcast design firm to redesign their sets across the country, knowing what happened with Sunrise and Sydney/national bulletins last year I wouldn’t be holding my breath for anything particularly amazing! :confused:


Someone keeps forgetting to turn Michael Usher’s mic off when a story is playing or cross is happening… Have heard him talking twice so far over the top of people.


Before any new sets for HSV, they need to upgrade the news studio to HD! That should be first priority.
The whole news production is SD produced, which is interesting considering the automation brought in 2013 - no upgrades were clearly done.


So Melbourne joins perth as having local news at 4.30


I thought Melbourne has there local afternoon news at 4?


So Melbourne is a hour long