Seven News Content and Appearance


Yep. Although they ditched it for the standard globe backdrop (which still looks disgusting btw) in late October last year IIRC.


So glad that horrible mismatched blue background is gone, but for how long until it’s changed again? :wink:


At least Nine’s stadium backdrops for Sport have had some thought put into them with localisation (eg, ANZ Stadium for Sydney, the MCG for Melbourne) for different markets.

Those backdrops from Seven just look bad IMO. The new one looks like they quickly found a generic photo of a stadium, ran it through a filter and typed on some “7 NEWS SPORT” text for the full screen backdrop! :confused:


Should just have SPORT filling the full width of the screen.


Points for trying.


End board for 6pm news promos seen on the Gold Coast


Thought I’d check out Seven’s local Gold Coast News tonight. This is the start of every report shown (some reports include more than one story). So much better presentation than the new regional bulletins seen in NSW. Having a larger studio makes the presentation look so much more professional. The live back drop is also a big plus.


Yeah, this bulletin goes out to about 700,000 people.

Nine’s new SNSW bulletin goes out to 1.4 million people

So you wonder why they re not able to have presentation quality similar to 7 - if not better.

The promo in that clip at 4:50 is also EXACTLY the sort of in bulletin promo 9 News SNSW needs to be running to develop ties to the community it serves.


If you ask me, Seven’s bulletin is just so much slicker and such a smooth operation compared to Nine, ratings tell a different story though (yes Nine has been there for 20 years, but Seven’s bulletin should be rating better IMO).

Personally I think Seven Gold Coast News should be moved to 6 and run half hour of local news followed by the regional QLD edition of Seven News Brisbane at 6:30pm, to move it out of competition with Nine, but realistically that’s unlikely to happen any time soon.


Nine’s 2-person presentation seems awkward (IMO), but otherwise the bulletin’s are fairly similar in nearly every respect, even more so now with Seven crossing to reporters in the same building to file reports or the weather.


I swear Seven’s LIVE cross was basically crossing to someone who was probably sitting on the other side of the studio. But otherwise Seven’s bulletin looks really good and Rod Young is a great anchor.

Theoretically, Bruce Paige and Wendy Kingston are both great presenters and they should make a great team. But personally, I agree with you because they have no chemistry with each other whatsoever, and plus, their presentation is a bit too much for me (especially that ugly Gold Coast banner below Nine News Logo), while Seven’s graphics are much more cleaner and polished even though not amazing.


Yes, I think they are in the same room; it reminds me of Nine’s split screen with Cavill Ave on one sind and Surfers Paradise on the other - of course Cavil Ave is in Surfers Paradise with the reporter on a balcony outside the studio :slight_smile:

Seven seem to be doing the same thing with the weather last night.


I was actually thinking that Seven (or Nine) Gold Coast News should be a full hour long bulletin at 6pm, similar to what the metropolitan markets get.


A rare look inside the BTQ Mt Coot-tha studios can be sen in the GC News video abaove @6:41


Gotta love the old retro 7 logo on display int he first pic there


Today was Seven Afternoon News Queensland’s turn for a new backdrop, which IMO looks even worse than before:


Wrong Thread, I think the one you are looking for is Random Mocks


Geez I was going to say they should’ve gone for a live shot of Brisbane, but alas, the ugly globe has returned with more on its hands. Now its just a matter of time before Melbourne Makes the Switch to that horrific globe…


Make the switch to Nine News :stuck_out_tongue:


They were on such a roll with those new side panels and now this!?!