Seven News Content and Appearance


I reckon a complete ovhaul of all 7 news sets


I reckon that the only people that would care are media spy members


Aren’t we the only people left watching anyway?


No need! They have to look at the quality of their news reporting/presenting…


In at least two markets, the weeknight & weekend presenters need to be swapped around IMO!

And don’t even get me started on the quality of their content…


Wouldn’t be a big surprise if they were all done the same
Currently there must 3 different sets,maybe 4


I think the Brisbane & Gold Coast sets share a common design, but Seven News sets are completely different everywhere else.

Compare that to Nine (who are transitioning from an older style to a newer one), Ten and the ABC who all have some form of standardised set design.



Haha - good point.

Well compared to the US where the market is so fractured - Australian networks and stations still have it good.

For example #1 local news at 6 (ABC7) in New York (a market of 20 million people) gets about 300,000 viewers.

That’s only a little more than what 7 News gets in Melbourne, a markets with 4 times less people - about 5 million.

And the same as you go down the list.

Whilst a market like Brisbane might get 150k for its # 1 news at 6 - you’d be amazed that the #1 news in Orlando (same size market) gets about 45,000 viewers.

Aussie stations still have it good.


Seven News did fairly well in the unofficial first week of ratings, up slightly compared to the equivalent week last year. Nine News however was down more than 10% nationally, losing ground in every market.


@TV.Cynic wh o’s winning 25-54? That’s the one that matters as that’s the demo news advertisers buy


It looks like America has decided to copy us! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Seven News Sydney “Everywhere” Promo, July 2014:

WFXT FOX 25 Boston “Everywhere” Promo, February 2017:

Of course, the striking similarities certainly weren’t unnoticed by [New England One] ( (website commenting on happenings in local TV around Boston and other parts of New England) who did an article on it!


Execution of the FOX 25 version is so bad!




Did FOX also source 90% of their footage from YouTube?


With Nine starting there local news and all I feel that Seven should stop affiliation with Southern Cross and start Channel 7 in Tasmania and produce Seven News. Some will say the market is small, yes I agree but Seven News Tasmania could strengthen the Seven News brand by including smaller state/territory which is what Nine and Ten don’t do.


Seven can’t just cancel an affiliation and enter a market to shake things up. The existing stations pay their license fees to broadcast there.


I should of been more clear, not renew contract**


Cancelling and not renewing are pretty much the same thing. The issue is Seven can’t just take over like that. To get a proper Seven station in Tasmania, SCA would either need to sell their station to Seven, or they forge a new agreement similar to SCA/Nine where they identify simply as Seven Tasmania and produce a bulletin branded as Seven News.


Holy shit such an awkward moment between fergo & Mel (again) tonight