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This bulletin and the way it’s presented is really very sensationalist.


Why is Mike outside?

He keeps calling this a second wave. I thought that has been continually denied by health authorities and the Premier?


He probably means a potential second wave, his judgement on thinking this is actually a second wave may have been too quick.

Wow pretty obvious they don’t give a crap about Adelaide at all. Why even bother? Talk about make it so local to Melbourne it’s esstinally telling SA to get stuffed haha

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As much as I hate suggesting that local content in my own market should be reduced, Seven really should’ve merged the Sydney & Melbourne 4pm bulletins if they needed to save costs. Still wouldn’t be great but at least both our two largest cities share a timezone unlike Melbourne & Adelaide.


I really don’t get how much more expensive it would have been to get to the 6pm presenter or even the sports presenter to do Adelaides 4 bulletin. Fair enough another team wasn’t sustainable but the same presenters should be ok and it’s just a long ad for 6pm. Too valuable to piss away.


I don’t think that makes sense. You want the two biggest markets having their own local bulletins. Essentially the way 7 NEWS have implemented this, Sydney and Melbourne still do have Theo own local news. Adelaide is definitely the afterthought here

I agree. If this is all about cost cutting and cutting $100m from the budget annually, I can’t see how they would have saved much here at all. They have the staff content and studio there at 4 already.

Could be the start of national axings in the 4:00pm slot.

I agree. Axing the local Adelaide edition just doesn’t make sense. The saving is minimal to the network. This bulletin that’s been put together is 85% Melbourne and 15% Adelaide.


The 4pm Melbourne bulletin was established for Melbourne. Obviously SWM axed the Adelaide bulletin, and put the pressure on HSV. Melbournes news director is clearly looking after his own market; That’s his job. At least they’re slightly accommodating Adelaide.


Adelaide’s News Director is doing the total opposite, he isn’t good at his job. Chris Salter, who was formerly a crime reporter at Channel 9 Adelaide, truly believes in the car fires, house fires, bus fires, fires of any type. Crime in general, a huge downgrade compared to the last 2; Graham Archer and Terry Plane.

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Yep. Both markets have been giving a blow here. Let’s hope it’s temporary and Adelaide obtains it’s local edition in 6 -12 months.


Don’t know about set-ups in other states but Melbourne has two dedicated producers for 4pm and at least one extra editor - given the terrible state 7 is in even the smallest saving is attractive at the moment

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I feel there are ways you could better localise the “melbourne” bulletin for adelaide. Cut in the adelaide opener for a start. Theres a half hour delay…


There is a way to accomodate SA and VIC under one bulletin, it can be done. But the way it’s been done here is unfortunately too focused on VIC. By doing this, Seven may slowly lose it’s dedicated audience. Adelaide has and already is switching to Nine for other bulletins, but luckily for Seven, they haven’t moved for the 6pm bulletin yet. Changes to the bulletin need to be made. So it looks like a hybrid bulletin, not a Melbourne-only bulletin.

Why not use a national afternoon news titlecard, and have the set dressed up for a national bulletin? Use the V/O being used now too and while Melbourne stories can be included, make some effort to push in more SA stories, and get rid of the “weather like intro” featuring Melbourne.

That completely goes against what they want to do. Melbourne’s tv market is 3.5 times bigger than Adelaide, and it’s a market that over indexes in tv consumption - probably brings in 4 times as much revenue as the Adelaide market

They don’t want it to be a hybrid / national feel bulletin. They want it to feel and look like a local Melbourne bulletin as much as possible

Check out the ratings. Huge for the slot.

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