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Promo on 7 tonight advertising Blow Up for Monday and Tuesday 7.30 on 7flix.


Are there any confirmed, rumoured or expected dates for both MDI and DWTS? They must have a lot of ‘fillers’ up their sleeve…

My theory only, but does anyone know or remember if The X Factor in 2013 was fast-tracked due to The Mole tanking in the ratings that year?

Secrets Of Prince Andrew


Sunday 28 May 8pm and Sunday 4 June 8:30pm.

The inside story of Prince Andrew’s infamous Newsnight interview of 2019, exploring the chain of events leading to a royal disaster on TV.

Part 1: From Andrew’s glory years, as heart-throb and war hero, to the death of his former friend and convicted paedophile Jeffrey Epstein, and the prince’s fateful decision to go on Newsnight.

Part 2 It’s 2019 and Andrew makes the remarkable decision to go in front of the cameras for an interrogation on Newsnight - with disastrous consequences for the prince.

AKA - Channel 4’s Andrew: The Problem Prince

According to Channel 4 website, both episodes of Andrew: The Problem Prince are 47 minutes long. How is it possible for Seven to stretch each episode to two hours?

Maybe they are different versions than the UK airing?

Plenty of commercials, showing us a long “preview” at the beginning of each episode, showing us what’s coming up after each commercial break, and showing us what we watched in the previous segment when coming out from a commercial break …

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Each episode that Seven is showing is approx 90 minutes without ads.

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With the Prince Andrew special taking the next 2 Sundays and now this:

It looks like Seven are really trying to keep Million Dollar Island well away from The Summit. There seem to be so many opportunities missed to launch the show,


I think BH&G is airing on the Tuesday due to Seven’s live coverage of ICC World Test Championship final which starts the following night.


Seems like a departure from their usual practice of moving B H and G to a multichannel for sports. I suppose it is better than repeat Highway Patrol specials.


Logic is BH&G will probably struggle going up against not just the AFL & NRL but the WTC as well.


Seems risky to expect viewers to follow a program to a very different night. Would have been better to rest the show for a week, but I suppose Seven haven’t got anything better they want to risk at this stage.


Is this its former night, when Noni Hazlehurst last anchored in 2004?

What they could try is editing (split one into two) and promote it differently as ‘specials’, which they’ve done before as fillers the same week as a standard ep such as a Wednesday.


Yes, aired on Tuesdays when it was a 30-minute show paired with The Great Outdoors.


It’s not like this is the first time BH&G has aired on a different night recently. Indeed, pretty sure it aired on a Wednesday night last July due to Commonwealth Games coverage beginning on Friday.


I also think it aired on Thursday nights in the southern markets in 2012, due to Friday night AFL, which immediately followed H&A? Might be wrong though.


Back when it was the number 1 show on tv.

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It was still a top-rater after that though, for many years, regualrly 1-1.5m metro and Friday’s No. 1 program even ahead of news, until it moved to 7Two in a couple of markets, but finally started dropping off about 10 years ago and under 600k consistently around 5-6 years ago, but today still does a solid job for the network and often top non-news/non-sport show (even with m/c in some markets and 25+ years on-air). Must get great commercial arrangements (Bunnings a long-time one) to essentially pay its way, as well as overseas sales and consolidation in audience from regional, bvod (live and catch-up) which never seems high oddly and its many encores/repeats plus magazine and network talent contracts (Griggs and Tobin do other work for the network obviously).

Can you remember what followed BH&G when The Great Outdoors expanded to a one-hour format in circa 2002? I remember the latter show moved to Monday nights around the time The Weakest Link abruptly disappeared from our screens.

I remember a time when Seven moved BH&G to Saturday nights in 2004, and the ratings suffered against Ten’s AFL coverage (among programming on other stations).

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