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Week commencing 3 March 2019

Sunday 3 March
07:00 PM My Kitchen Rules The first Pop Up Restaurant sees Group 2 serve diner-style food to the public, the judges and their rival teams in a buzzing retro games arcade.
08:30 PM Sunday Night
09:30 PM Undercurrent Rpt
10:30 PM Andrew Denton: Interview Rpt
11:35 PM The Blacklist S6 Ep04

Monday 4 March
07:30 PM My Kitchen Rules At Bondi Beach, it’s Group 1’s turn for service while Group 2 ready themselves for revenge. In the battle of the brunches, one team will be toast!
09:00 PM Instant Hotel S2 Ep04
10:15 PM Crazy On A Plane S1 Ep03
11:15 PM The Latest: Seven News
11:45 PM Hooked On The Look Rpt

Tuesday 5 March
07:30 PM My Kitchen Rules It’s a Sudden Death cook-off at the MKR Restaurant. As Group 1 and 2 dine together for the first time, the table is split over homestyle faves vs new wave. When scores are revealed, teams smell a rat!
09:00 PM The Good Doctor S2 Ep17
10:00 PM The Resident S2 Ep15
11:00 PM The Latest: Seven News
11:30 PM The Blacklist S6 Ep05

Wednesday 6 March
07:30 PM My Kitchen Rules Group 1 are tasked with turning farm fresh produce into fine dining and serving it to the farmers who grew it. Pete Evans and Colin Fassnidge are joined by guest chef Curtis Stone.
09:00 PM Undercurrent S1 Ep06 Season Final
10:15 PM Special: The Beaumont Children Mystery Rpt
11:30 PM The Latest: Seven News

Thursday 7 March
07:00 PM Home And Away x 3
08:30 PM Ms Fisher Modern Murder Mysteries S1 Ep03
10:30 PM The Latest: Seven News
11:00 PM Autopsy USA: David Bowie

Friday 8 March
07:00 PM Better Homes And Gardens
08:30 PM Movie: Hacksaw Ridge (2016)
11:30 PM Instant Hotel Rpt

Saturday 9 March
07:00 PM Movie: Iron Man 2 (2015)
09:30 PM Movie: Fury (2013)


Cleaning Up


Coming Soon

Created by Mark Marlow and starring SHERIDAN SMITH (Mrs Biggs, Cilla, The C Word, Gavin & Stacey, The Moorside) CLEANING UP follows the story of Sam, an office cleaner who struggles to maintain her life as a devoted mum after becoming addicted to online gambling. Set in contemporary London, it’s an entertaining, surprising, character-driven drama that explores how far we’ll go to survive – and at what cost.

We all know that the system is rigged so the rich get richer and the poor get shafted. Sam is an ordinary working-class woman, one of the invisible army of workers who mop and sweep vacuum around the CEOs, bankers and brokers as they make their millions. Hampered by her gambling addiction and with a debt collector knocking on the door, getting back to black looks impossible for Sam when she works a zero-hours contract on minimum wage.

A loving mum to two young daughters, Alice (KRISTY PHILLIPS) and Lily (ANYA MCKENNA BRUCE), Sam is struggling to keep her head above water and continues to turn to gambling as a means of escapism. The addiction has caused a rift in her family, with her husband Dave threatening to take the girls away, Sam is desperate to protect her life with them and to prove that she’s turning things around.

Sam’s world is thrown into disarray after she discovers access to lucrative stock market information that could be the answer to all her prayers.

With the help of her best friend Jess (JADE ANOUKA) Sam starts to turn the tables on the system that has cheated her and begins to navigate the dark and dangerous world of insider trading.

She finds herself caught between two contrasting lives: the exclusive, ruthless world of Canary Wharf, and the tough reality of life as a single mum in London suburbia. Smart, complicated and charismatic, Sam had the potential to be brilliant. As she demonstrates her intelligence and her plan falls into place, the money starts to roll in – but can Sam drag herself away from the lure of the roulette wheel?

She might have found a potential solution to her problems, but she’s slowly replacing one vice with another - and this time she’s taking on a criminal endeavour with formidable players and with the police around every corner. As the stakes get higher she is drawn into a dangerous network of high-powered insider traders and an unpredictable, illegal world which could threaten everything she holds dear.

Can Sam out-smart the system? Will she overcome her addictive personality? And just how far will she go to get her life back on track?


Any idea why The Resident is on both 7two and 7mate 1am-5am today? Showing different episodes I believe.


And on 7flix.


Haha I don’t have 7flix here in TAS, didn’t even think to look it up. Wonder why they all have The Resident on? Seems like a one off for all three channels.


For a while, they were showing new episodes of Black-ish on 7mate and repeats on 7flix.


Where’s God Friended Me Returning?


Schedule Update

Sunday 3 March
09:30 PM Undercurrent Rpt

Friday 8 March
08:30 PM Movie: Hacksaw Ridge (2016)

Saturday 9 March
07:00 PM Movie: Iron Man 2 (2015)

Movies on TV

Maybe they’re waiting as in the US they had a 5week break between ep 13 and 14 and a 2 week break with episode 14 and 15. Only 3 episodes played in the US so far…

No idea why they had a 5 week break after a Christmas break?


New promo for new UK drama Manhunt aired tonight during My Kitchen Rules. Starring Martin Clunes, the 3-part mini-series from ITV is based on the true story surrounding the initial investigation into the death of French student Amélie Delagrange in London in August 2004 and the subsequent manhunt for the killer. It premiered in UK in January 6-8 this year.


I saw that days ago. Maybe last week even.


Martin Clunes: Islands Of America


Coming Soon


“Everyone has an image of America: A land of big shops, bright lights and asphalt highways stretching right across the continent. But there is another America – and I set out to find it.” Martin Clunes

Martin Clunes embarks on an epic journey around the coast of America to discover what life is like on the surrounding islands for a new documentary series, Islands of America.

Following the successful series on the Islands of Britain and Islands of Australia, Martin has developed a fascination for the unique quality and appeal of island life, often in the most remote places on the planet.

This time he sets off on a 16,000-kilometre journey, from the west to the east, to explore the vast swathe of islands which are scattered beyond America’s shores. He travels from Hawaii’s islands of fire and Alaska’s islands of snow and ice, to the playgrounds of presidents off the New England coast.

Martin says: “I wanted to look beyond corporate America and discover the other United States, out past the mainland margins, and what life is like on these unique and diverse islands.

“On this island journey I meet men and women who’ve lived through many of nature’s worst extremes. And it seems one thing they all share is a profound wisdom about these challenges.”


Manhunt (UK)


Coming Soon

On 19th August 2004 French student Amelie Delagrange is found on Twickenham Green with fatal head injuries. Detective Chief Inspector Colin Sutton of the Metropolitan Police is appointed as Senior Investigating Officer, tasked with leading the investigation.

There is no forensic evidence from the attacker at the crime scene, and no apparent motive. But there has been a spate of similar violent attacks on young women in the area. Colin suspects there could be a link to the murder of Marsha McDonnell in the previous year.

The police discover that Amelie’s phone last made contact with the network a short time after her death and six miles from Twickenham Green, close to the river. They now know that the killer must have taken it and left the scene in a vehicle.

Colin puts a large proportion of his team onto checking CCTV from that night to try to find the vehicle, and decides to search the river by Walton Bridge. Some of Amelie’s possessions are found, and CCTV reveals a suspicious white van close to the crime scene at the time of the attack.




Coming Soon


In the world of comedy there is no one quite like Billy Connolly.

Put simply, through sheer talent and force of personality he changed the face of British comedy forever.

He’s been called the Beatles and Jesus of comedy by his peers and an immature ‘manure mouth’ by the leader of the Scottish Zion Baptist Church. Say what you like about him you can’t deny everyone wants to know him.

Weaved around private interviews, these two specials find Billy returning to Scotland to reveal the influences and motivations that turned him from being Billy Connolly the welder to Billy Connolly the Big Yin.


Seven is not going to show two Martin Clunes programs (Manhunt and Islands of America) on the same week, surely?


Why does Seven have so much imported programs in their schedule. These should be 7TWO/7Mate content, not main channel content.


Why does Nine? Why does Ten?


I don’t like the idea of Milhouse having two spaghetti meals in one day


Criminal minds has suddenly gone from wednesday nights
Has 7 caught up with USA🤔


You are right. Episode 15 which aired on Seven last week was the final episode of Criminal Minds season 14. The 15th and final season is next, sometime in late 2019 or early 2020.