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7Mate schedule in Melbourne for Sat 16 February.

16:00 AFL Women’s Pre-Game: AFL Women’s Pre-Game 2019: Round 3
GWS Giants take on Carlton. Start of play: 4.45pm AEDT.

16:30 AFL Women’s: Rnd 3: GWS v Carlton ’CC’
GWS Giants take on Carlton. Start of play: 4.45pm AEDT.

19:00 AFL Women’s: Rnd 3: Fremantle v Collingwood ’CC’
Fremantle take on Collingwood at Fremantle Oval. Start of play: 7.15pm AEDT.


1.5hrs for Instant Hotel?


An absolute joke. Who would sit up until 10.30 watching it?


What do you go to bed before 10:30?


Two reality shows in one night? What is going on with Seven!


Yeah by 9.30 usually, up at 5 for the gym. Beats antidepressants and being miserable at work. TV is good but i’m not committing to watching 3 hours of overstretched reality. My 90 minutes of MAFS is enough right now.


MAFS is not conducive to good health. You should seriously consider giving it up. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You are so Australian. I don’t go to bed until 11 and am up at 6am. I do my gym in the evening however. But you are probably doing the right thing going to bed early.


Some people need more beauty sleep. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


How about you Jbar ever considered going to bed a bit earlier :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m beautiful enough already. :wink:


The Blacklist appears to be returning Sun Feb 17 at 10.30pm. Guess it depends on whether the BBL final is held during the day (currently the Foxtel Guide app suggests its going from 2pm-6pm) or at night.


Now that SBS has axed RocKwiz I reckon 7 should have a go at it for Sunday nights. It fits with Little Big Shots and All Together Now in the Sunday 7pm slot.


And being a rather old-skewing show would suit Seven rather well.


It’s too niche.


Just try say 4 episodes or “specials”


I just wish 7 would put God Friended Me on 7Plus like Nine has done with Manifest.


Encores of My Kitchen Rules tonight in some states after BBL cricket or Better Homes and Gardens.


Week commencing 17 February 2019

Sunday 17 February
07:00 PM My Kitchen Rules
08:30 PM Sunday Night Series Return
09:30 PM TBA
10:30 PM The Blacklist Series 6 Premiere
11:30 PM Never Seen A Doctor Rpt

Monday 18 February
07:00 PM Home And Away Series Return
07:30 PM My Kitchen Rules
09:00 PM Instant Hotel S2 Ep02
10:15 PM Crazy On A Plane Series Premiere
11:15 PM The Latest: Seven News
11:45 PM TBA

Tuesday 19 February
07:30 PM My Kitchen Rules
09:00 PM The Good Doctor S2 Ep15
10:00 PM The Resident S2 Ep14
11:00 PM The Latest: Seven News
11:30 PM The Family Rpt

Wednesday 20 February
07:30 PM My Kitchen Rules
09:00 PM Undercurrent S1 Ep04
10:10 PM Criminal Minds S14 Ep10
11:10 PM The Latest: Seven News
11:40 PM The Family Rpt

Thursday 21 February
07:30 PM TBA
08:00 PM TBA
08:30 PM TBA
10:30 PM The Latest: Seven News
11:00 PM Autopsy USA: Elizabeth Taylor

Friday 22 February
07:00 PM 2019 AFLX
10:30 PM TBA
11:45 PM The Goldbergs Rpt

Saturday 23 February
07:00 PM TBA
10:00 PM TBA

Market variations will be posted later.


Oh thank god My Kitchen Rules is back to 90 minutes. I was nearly about to give up on it.