Seven Network - Programs and Schedules

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9’s over promotion of MAFS during the tennis could also backfire on them. Viewers may be ready to switch back to 7. Who knows?


I have never been a huge fan of 7’s 8:30 offerings but I am very keen for Instant Hotel.


Looks interesting this time around :slight_smile:


I even thought the first season was great.

It’s got a come dine with me feel. And it didn’t go for too long which I liked.


I’m most surprised at the scheduling of cricket next week. After paying so much in the current deal, I would have thought it would be prime main channel programming.

I think MKR will drop further this year not helped by the extended length episodes over multiple nights. With no change to the format, 2 hours is too long to watch one couple prepare a meal - it’s going to get boring. Also remembering that MKR won the first 2 weeks against Married last year 1.12m to 910,000. I can’t see that happening this year.


I believe that Nine will be following suit with two hour episodes for Married At First Sight this year, which arguably worse than MKR running for two hours because Nine will be starting MAFS at 7.30pm compared to MKR at 7pm (temporarily at least anyway) on Seven.

That said, I do agree that it seems unlikely that MKR will again win the first two weeks against MAFS like they did last year.


It was just the first episode of Married that was scheduled for 2 hours with the rest of the shows at 90 minutes. The first episode has been since been shortened and will now finish at 9:20pm.


Are we certain Nine will stick with ACA at 7pm? They might be tempted to push MAFS to 7pm in order to avoid giving MKR a 30 minute head start…


They’ve already said that ACA is the timeslot winner and they have no plans to drop it. They’d be mad to be so reactionary.


Agree with both of you but think that there won’t be a ‘clear’ winner in the first two weeks. IIRC, MAFS surged after the commitment ceremonies (refuse to call them ‘weddings’) happened last year when all the participants started living together so the same thing could play out again


How does God Friended Me do for Seven ? Does it not rate well in the demos , as they haven’t returned it .


Or 9.27. Or 9.32 :wink:


It was a decent performer in the back half and did very well on 7plus. Doesn’t stand a chance against MAFS and Seven may be wanting to keep it up their sleeve for a less competitive time or if their new offerings don’t fire.


I was just watching ‘Stop laughing…this is serious’ on the ABC and they spent some time talking about Steve Vizards ‘Tonight Live’ which was on Channel 7 from 1990-1993.

I really wish ‘Tonight Live’ was brought back with skyline backdrop, international and local guests, opening monologues, games, audience etc!

There isn’t a huge audience at late night, however with social media, some segments and interviews can be viewed at any time and some funny or riveting segments and interviews may ‘go viral’, in doing so, it could promote Channel 7. I just really see it as a good idea if funds allowed it.

With Tonight Live & The Latest, Channel 7 really could be ‘the one to watch’ at late night!


I hope Seven have some alternative programming lined up for tonight and Sunday night. The cricket is close to being over.


My guess would be Perth’s schedule tonight and Big Bash on Sunday

Saturday 26 January
07:00 PM Movie: Cool Runnings (1993)
09:00 PM Movie: Morgan (2016)
11:00 PM Hooked On The Look Rpt
11:30 PM The Goldbergs Rpt

Sunday 27 January
07:00 PM Big Bash League: Melbourne Stars v Brisbane
Start time: 7.15pm AEDT.
10:30 PM Movie: Why Him? (2016)

07:00 PM Sunday Night
08:30 PM Movie: Why Him? (2016)
11:00 PM My Kitchen Rules 10th Anniversary Special Rpt


Seven must be relived that the test match was completed in 2 & 1/2 days. They’ll now avoid having to deal with the backlash that would have come if they bumped the final session of the test to 7mate in order to accommodate MKR’s launch


Seven are indeed showing Cool Runnings tonight as an alternative program on the east coast.
Not really unexpected.


Cricket sponsors will be peeved though


I doubt Seven would be happy with the cricket finishing this early. All the advertising and sponsorship that was sold based on cricket being shown. Part of the reason that Nine used to have trouble making money out of its cricket broadcasts - early finishes due to rain and one-sided matches.