Seven Network - Programs and Schedules

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I’d say so. But then The Latest will get pushed back with over-runs and then it will rate lower and before long it will be axed lol


So Adelaide get the first half of the Cats v Pies game on 7mate then coverage switches to the main channel at 7pm?


Sounding like a broken record because so many have already called it

But I think Seven are in trouble, I really do, this isn’t coming from a Nine fan boi either btw.


On 7Mate in Adelaide
06:00 PM AFL Women’s: Rnd 1: Geelong v Collingwood
Start time: 6.40pm AEDT. AFLW is back in 2019 as the Geelong Cats take on Collingwood at GMHBA stadium LIVE from Geelong.


So it will be the first time ever that an AFL match (men’s or women’s) starts on one channel and finishes on another channel. What is Seven thinking?! It should just show Cats v Pies AFLW game on 7mate Adelaide in full, and air something else on main channel between 7pm and 8pm.


The Good Doctor’s audience has been declining and it should be treated sensitively when it comes to scheduling. For a show like this (the #1 US drama that has not even aired 30 episodes) to be moved around the schedule so much is really unprecedented and disgusting. Networks know how hard it is to get US content to rate well in primetime here yet when it does they just mess around and shows like Good Doctor and Young Sheldon end up withering away in the ratings here while they may go on for several seasons in the US. Stick to a timeslot and leave it. If the goal was to get Good Doctor up to speed with US, they could have aired a double episode on the Tuesday.


But not everyone likes double episodes on the same night. Two episodes on two nights means they should pull similar audience figures.


Why would viewers make an appointment to watch a show that doesn’t air in a consistent manner in a consistent timeslot? When they can watch on their own devices at a time of their choosing?


Can i ask why?


It’s going to be interesting to see what effect not having the tennis to carpet bomb viewers with MKR promos is going to have. I suspect Nine could have the upper hand going into the ratings year.


Why I made the comment? Or why I think Seven might be in a bit of strife?


This one


For NewsWeary’s well put comment above, as well as the weird timeslot, elongating the season, stopping/starting the season and Married’s already winning the ratings last year.


I agree was just engaging why other thought so as well. I have thought this for some time but seven seem to get the shares, somehow, without huge viewership. I guess I just wonder if they will be able to do it again this year. The AFL seems to prop them up.

I do, however, think the MKR move to 7pm shows 7 are worried, but I do think it’s quite a clever move. I also think it shows 7 are vulnerable and are willing to make some riskier moves they once wouldn’t. So we could see some innovative moves over the next 18 months if shares aren’t as good as pevious years.


The 7pm move has ruffled feathers! A Ten executive was on the Media Week website today saying even he is fascinated to see what effect it has on Home and Away once it returns.


I don’t think they will get a million viewers for MKR at 7pm.


H&A is like an ‘icon’ so it will most likely survive a change of schedule. And it hasn’t really helped Seven much in the ratings for a few years now. And it only runs for 30 minutes. On the other hand, MKR is more vulnerable due to ‘brand fatigue’. Personally, I think Seven is doing the right thing by being ‘creative’ in its programming. Nobody knows how this is going to pan out - we will soon find out next week. Good for discussion on this forum!

I am a fan of MKR so “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” :slight_smile: And to those who criticise MKR as trash - well MAFS taking over as the most successful show in the country is akin to 'trash taking over another trash ’ LOL. We are back to square one. Forgive me for all these ‘adage’.


“Launch” week


BH&G the only show of that highlighted lot that is a certainty to win its timeslot, probably Good Doc too?


Miss Fisher’s Modern Murder Mysteries looks fun and interesting. The rest… :zzz:

Operation Live may be of interest to some and Instant Hotel could buck a trend and rise in season 2.