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Friday Night in Melbourne after War of the World’s better be The Goldbergs 2x10 as the Night Before they would’ve seen Eps 2x8 and 2x9 while the Rest of the Nation would see 2x9 and 2x10.

Confusing. I think you mean s2e9 rather than 2x9.

Same Thing

No it’s not. 2x9 means 2 times 9.

So when someone says The Goldbergs x 2 that means two episodes of the show.

So The Goldbergs S2E9 on January 7 is After E8 in Victoria and Before E10 in the Rest of Australia and a Triple Episode i Think for Victorians Net Thursday due to the Melbourne Fireworks.

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###Week commencing 10 January 2016

Sunday 10 January
07:00 PM The Chase Australia (Season 2)
08:00 PM The Force - Behind The Line ®
08:30 PM Total Recall 2012
11:00 PM Autopsy: George Best

05:00 PM Mon-Fri The Chase Australia Rpt

Monday 11 January
07:00 PM TBA
10:30 PM Marvel’s Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. S3 Ep9

Tuesday 12 January
07:00 PM The Chase Australia
08:00 PM The Muppets
08:30 PM Ramsay’s Costa Del Nightmares
09:30 PM Ramsay’s Hotel Hell ®
10:30 PM Chicago Fire SEASON FINAL

Wednesday 13 January
07:00 PM TBA
07:30 PM Highway Patrol®
08:00 PM Motorway Patrol ’CC’
08:30 PM Criminal Minds x 2
10:30 PM Marvel’s Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. SEASON FINAL
11.30 PM Grimm S4 Ep 21

Thursday 14 January
07:00 PM Air Rescue
07:30 PM Cats Make You Laugh Out Loud
08:30 PM The Big Bang Theory x 2
09:30 PM The Goldbergs x 2
10.30 PM I’m a Teenage Grandmother

Friday 15 January
07:00 PM Better Homes and Gardens Summer

Interesting that they have slotted in The Chase Australia for 7pm from Jan 10. I assume the TBA slots will be The Chase also?

In other scheduling news, The Muppets is out for this Tuesday. It will be replaced by The Big Bang Theory.

At this stage it’s in schedule for the following week at 8pm.

Who didn’t see this coming? I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see it pulled at some stage for the following week too.

Testing The Chase out as a replacement for Home and Away?

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That’s what I was thinking, too. If it manages to attract a decent enough audience, then H&A could be moved over to 7TWO much like what Ten did with Neighbours to Eleven.

As January 15 is my Birthday, I just Want One Birthday Wish to Give Victorian and Tasmanian Viewers a New The Goldbergs Episode that was Misses due to the City of Melbourne NYE Fireworks or a Triple Episode on the 14th just to Keep in Touch? [quote=“TV.Cynic, post:8, topic:41”]

Another screening of the man with the biggest balls, but they still can’t manage to find a slot for the last season of parks and rec? This is getting ridiculous.

That’s what happens when you delay a show by 4 months. Never had a chance.

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Can’t Victoria and Tasmania see a Triple Episode of The Goldbergs to Compensate for the Melbourne NYE Fireworks??? And Western Australia that missing Beach Cops Episode???

MKR starts Monday Feb 1st

Source: Ad during the live streaming of the tennis

That promo with the date has been running for at least a week. Home And Away returns that night too according to that promo. FIrst Dates also starts Feb but no date given yet.

Feb 1 is the new “All New Feb 2” - but doesn’t rhyme (which is a shame) :cry: The Chase is advertising Feb 1 as its date for the The Beast and no doubt return to new episodes (at 5pm anyway).

Seven has in the past been relatively secretive about their launches post-tennis. I guess the shows launching Feb 1 are no surprise but I don’t remember them giving out their date so early in the piece before.

I Reckon MKR will air Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday in the First Week with All the US Produced Content on Seven other than The Big Bang Theory Repeats before 9:00 and who shows After is a Mystery, I Do Hope The Goldbergs Shall Stay at 9:30 Thursday’s into February because it’s the Only True Timeslot that Works Well despite competition from Crime Shows on ABC, Nine and Ten.

Well, the promo suggest otherwise with the debut of MKR on Monday 1 Feb.

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