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Seven will show the first season of The Grand Tour from Amazon in October, according to a promo shown during today’s AFL Grand Final coverage.


Viewers not happy with “Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark” (1985) :neutral_face:

Nor are they dumb! I also am annoyed.


Week commencing 8 October 2017

Sunday 8 October
07:00 PM Little Big Shots
08:00 PM Sunday Night
09:00 PM Heists That Shook The World
10:00 PM Robbie Coltrane’s Critical Evidence
11:00 PM Autopsy USA: Donda West

Monday 9 October
07:30 PM Manhunt: The Polish Thief
08:30 PM Highway Patrol x 2
09:30 PM Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders S2 Ep2
10:30 PM The Blacklist S5 Ep2
11:30 PM Car Wars
12:15 AM Quantico S2 Ep20

Tuesday 10 October
07:30 PM First Dates Australia S3 Ep5
08:40 PM 800 Words S3 Ep5
09:40 PM Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares USA
10:40 PM The Catch S2 Ep9
11:40 PM Mistresses S3 Ep13

Wednesday 11 October
07:30 PM TBA
08:00 PM TBA
08:30 PM Criminal Minds x 2
10:30 PM Chicago Fire S5 Ep07
11:30 PM Motive S4 Ep08

Thursday 12 October
07:00 PM Home and Away x 3
08:30 PM TBA
11:10 PM The Goldbergs S4 Ep 7 and 8
12:00 AM It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia S12 Ep08

Friday 13 October
07:00 PM Better Homes And Gardens
08:30 PM TBA
11:50 PM Cannonball Season Final

Saturday 14 October
07:00 PM TBA
09:30 PM TBA

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Like last season, The Blacklist is being uploaded onto Netflix hours after airing a new episode on Seven.

Shows seem to be getting to streaming services quicker it seems. Eg Crazy Ex GF and Jane The Virgin (not on Seven ) but the seasons of them didn’'t even take 12 months before Netflix got them.

Coming to October


New Thrills with Clarkson, Hammond and May THE GRAND TOUR
New Life-Changing Event Television THE WALL
New Reality-Competition INSTANT HOTEL
New Drama Event LIAR


Could Seven show Star Wars: The Force Awakens without repeating the first six titles? It will depend on which Rugby League World Cup matches will be shown on the main channel on Friday and Saturday nights.


The Australian matches will rate ok in Sydney and Brisbane, but putting any others in primetime on the main channel is ratings suicide, I think.


Cannot wait for The Wall, love the US show, but I do wonder what time this will be shown? Primetime? Weekly? The Grand Tour will also be good to watch.


How will all these programs fit in Seven’s primetime schedule this month as they are promising? Sunday is Little Big Shots & Sunday Night, Monday Highway Patrol, Tuesday First Dates & 800 Words, Thursday Home & Away triple episodes to make up for all the single episodes only shown on Thursdays earlier in the year, Friday Better Homes & Gardens & movie and Saturday movie so there really is no room for all these shows!!!

I am sure they will find a way. Little Big Shots must be coming to an end. Highway patrol will probably be rested. First Dates will probably have the same. Mondays will be Secret Daughter. Liar will slot in an 8:30 slot. The Wall will slot into a 7:30 slot as will INstant Hotel.

Little Big Shots still has several Sundays still to go according to advanced TV guides and they also have First Dates listed for most upcoming Tuesdays too.

There is currently nothing on Wednesday and Thursday at 7.30 in Seven’s schedule and their new Monday show just missed the top 20. There is also Highway Patrol surely only temporarily at 8.30 on Monday and TBA on Thursday at 8.30. Criminal Minds on Wednesday with double eps will finish this month on the 18th as well that’s another 2 hours to fill.

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I was expected that biopics Olivia, Warnie and reality show Back with the ex will air on seven this year but what’s happened to these three shows?

I thought there are H&A triples scheduled for all upcoming Thursdays, i.e. running until 8:30 to make up for not having doubles on Thursdays over the last several months. They still have to meet their episode quota of 230 per year right?

Warnie was axed during pre-production and will not go ahead.

Olivia: Hopelessly Devoted to You has been listed as one of the shows to screen before the end of the year but it might kick off 2018.

Back with the Ex is also listed as still to come in 2017.

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I heard from Darren McMullen saying that Behave Yourself is not finished yet and will roll out newer episodes later this year when there is no competition against Channel 9 and 10.

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That’s what all the TV execs say. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yeah, In the Summer non-ratings period when it doesn’t count. :laughing:

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Schedule Update:

Monday 9 October
07:30 PM Highway Patrol x 2
08:30 PM Manhunt: The Polish Thief
(programs switch timeslots)

Tuesday 10 October
09:40 PM Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares USA
Replaced by
09:40 PM Neighbourhood Nightmares: Garden Nightmares - Part 1 Season Premiere
Bizarre infestations, audacious thefts - watch as an whole lawn is stolen in daytime and a midnight intruder enters via the cat flap, reveal how the green, green grass of home isn’t always as it seems

Wednesday 11 October
07:30 PM Border Security - Australia’s Front Line
08:00 PM The Force - Behind The Line

Thursday 12 October
08:30 PM Movie: The Intern (2015)

Friday 13 October
08:30 PM Thor (2015)

Saturday 14 October
07:00 PM Movie: Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade (1989)
09:30 PM Movie: Clash Of The Titans


Netflix is airing weekly episodes of The Blacklist Season 5 I see, isn’t this a Ch 7 show that 7 aired exclusively first ? Netflix is working to get rights off Ch 7 more aggressively?

Or Seven didn’t want the show anymore ? Just curious …