Seven Network 2017

###Seven Network programming for 2017

Upfronts from Seven are Wednesday 26 October.

7HD anyone?

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I don’t expect 7 HD to be nationwide until the NBN is finished lol :slight_smile:

Or fingers crossed for some time next year … hopefully ABC HD and 7 HD all up by next year at least .

Ten Hd eventually showing actual HD too would be nice .

7HD will have to be part of Seven’s programming plan as it was promised when the network renewed the AFL broadcast rights for another six years, starting next year.
Other than that, Seven’s programming will be similar to this year. Perhaps the unknowns are the fate of The X Factor and The Big Music Quiz. Also, House Rules was renewed for next year but has filming started yet?

I really hope that we’ll finally get a fulltime simulcast of Seven’s main channel here in Sydney next year, but I suspect that the current 7HD/7mateHD split will (for the most part) continue in 2017 especially if there’s something in the new AFL broadcast rights contract that requires the network to provide HD coverage of AFL in all markets.

Seven’s line up has to be quite a bit different as far as timing goes cf this year due to the absence of the Olympics. Seven (and the other networks) seemed to run dead for a couple of weeks leading up to August and post the games didn’t perform too well either. About the only success was the Music Quiz show.

I note, we are still waiting on Sunday Night Takeaway the “family variety show involving stunts, surprises and shocks. Based on a UK show hosted by the popular Ant and Dec”. Is that something to expect next year?

I expect Seven to come up with some more counter programming like Kiss Bang Flop and have yet another go at a cooking show to replace Zumbo that replace Restaurant Rev.

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I think they might give the Zumbo concept another run. Maybe with a massive revamp. Possibly even sidelining Zumbo so he’s just a judge and Rachel Khoo is more front and centre.

They might have given that show the flick. Although Cannonball is in the can but hasn’t managed to make it on air. Summer non-rating period perhaps?

Didn’t Seven run double episodes of this (Saturday/Sunday nights) so they could quickly burn it off before The X Factor began? Personally, I’d say that the fate of The Big Music Quiz is unknown at this stage.

As for The X Factor itself, I would say it’s more than likely to make a return in 2017 if the live shows & finals rate well enough.

Another recent attempt at a secondary cooking show (which of course didn’t work out so well in the ratings) by Seven in recent times: Aussie Barbecue Heroes which aired in the back end of last year.

As much as I despise the show, from a programing perspective I don’t understand why doesn’t Seven just do two seasons of My Kitchen Rules rather than trying yet another secondary cooking show that may or may not work. Yes, I understand that two helpings of MKR a year would probably eventually dilute the format but surely it’s worth a try at least?

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I would assume Seven will have a lot of new formats ready for next year. They must fix up their post MKR line up. I would believe X Factor may not be renewed. But I have been saying that for a while.

What are we expecting for the announcement today?

What time is it scheduled?

If that does happen you should expect them to string the announcement out for a year or so before finally making a decision as they did with Dancing with the Stars. They wouldn’t want anyone swooping in to do another version as they did with Australia’s Got Talent.

7 Newfronts highlights for 2017:

Two new true crime series. Not surprised at all.

So the Blue Murder sequel has had a name change.

###Seven unveils plans for development for 2017

###Seven in 2017 – Television Programming

New series for Seven’s hits

Acclaimed chefs Colin Fassnidge, Karen Martini, Guy Grossi and Liz Egan return to Kitchen HQ next year to judge the new batch of aspiring home cooks. And when the MKR doorbell rings in 2017, expect new twists and a new face at the dinner table.

In 2017, host Johanna Griggs returns with six new teams who will be faced with the huge task of tackling the worst house in HOUSE RULES history.

After a hair-raising pursuit across the starkly varied landscapes of Australia, the second season sees them journey the length of Thailand and New Zealand as they turn from the hunted into the hunters in an effort to bring the fight to their pursuers and unearth the truth about how and why this whole thing started.

When the series returns in 2017, George (Erik Thomson) is finding his place among the eclectic folk of Weld, as he raises teenagers Shay (Melinda Vidler) and Arlo (Benson Jack Anthony). George and Fiona’s budding relationship is headline news, however it’s Jan’s budding baby news that really sets the town alight. There’s new faces as George’s wayward brother arrives in town, but is that too many Turners for Weld to handle?

Returning in 2017 for a second series, THE SECRET DAUGHTER is currently the number one drama on Australian television. Starring Jessica Mauboy as part-time country pub singer Billie Carter and a stellar ensemble cast, the popular drama has captured everyone’s hearts with its warmth, humour and music.

Cameras controlled remotely record the date from start to finish – from first impressions, through all the awkward, heart-warming and funny moments, to the end of the meal where they must decide if a second date is on the cards. Who will find love next?

The breakout hit series returns in 2017 with four new couples who are on the brink of separation. They will put their relationship on the line in order to save it, living with a like-minded new partner in an experimental marriage, to help them decide if they would be better off with someone else. Viewers will learn about each of the couples – how they met, how they fell in love, how their relationship took a turn for the worst and why they are willing to risk everything to mend it. Therapists Jo Lamble and Peter Charleston return to assess the relationships and support them as they adjust to living with an experimental partner. At the end of this social experiment, each of the couples will reunite and make the decision to either part ways or reaffirm their commitment for life.


New Australian Drama

Richard Roxburgh reprises his heralded portrayal of Australia’s most notorious former detective Roger Rogerson in BLUE MURDER: KILLER COP, leading an all-star cast including Toni Collette, Matt Nable, Dan Wyllie, Emma Booth, Justin Smith, Damian Walshe-Howling, Steve Le Marquand, Aaron Pedersen, Aaron Jeffery - and reprising their original roles, Tony Martin and Peter Phelps. A floating body, a drug deal gone wrong, and two former detectives the perpetrators. Life imprisonment is the end of Roger Rogerson’s story. The last Blue Murder ended with his expulsion in disgrace from the NSW Police Force. In this instalment, Rogerson struggles to make a living in a world that’s rapidly changing, caught between the pressures of criminals, police and a love that might save him. Written by Peter Schreck, directed by Michael Jenkins, produced by Michael Jenkins and Carol Hughes, and executive produced by John Edwards, Richard Roxburgh and Julie McGauran, BLUE MURDER: KILLER COP is an Endemol Shine Australia production for Seven, made with the assistance of Screen Australia and Screen NSW.

Starring Josh Lawson as Paul Hogan, Ryan Corr as John “Strop” Cornell and Justine Clarke as Noelene Hogan, HOGES: THE PAUL HOGAN STORY charts the meteoric rise of working-class Australian icon Paul Hogan whose easy, wise-cracking persona took him from the pylons of the Sydney Harbour Bridge to the heights of a Golden Globe win, Oscar-nominated adulation, unprecedented box-office success and international superstardom, meanwhile forging powerful and enduring relationships along the way. Written by Keith Thompson and Marieke Hardy, directed by Kevin Carlin, produced by Brett Popplewell and executive produced by Jo Porter and Julie McGauran, HOGES: THE PAUL HOGAN STORY is a FremantleMedia Australia production for Seven, made with the assistance of Screen Australia and Screen Queensland.

Celebrating how a nice girl can finish first, the story of Olivia Newton-John charts her trailblazing personal, musical and uniquely female journey through one of the world’s toughest industries. Selling over 100 million records to become the number one recording artist in the world and starring in one of the most loved film musicals of all time, Olivia is a true Australian hero and survivor who’s lived her life in the goldfish bowl of public attention, learning along the way to harness the power of her fame and defining her greatest success by what she has been able to give back. Directed by Shawn Seet, produced by Margot McDonald and executive produced by Jo Porter and Julie McGauran, OLIVIA NEWTON-JOHN is a FremantleMedia Australia production for Seven, made with the assistance of Screen Australia and Film Victoria.

Shane Warne is a walking tabloid headline. Women, parties, women, high-life and women. He loved being married but couldn’t help himself. And as he rolled from scandal to scandal he was also, through all this, the greatest cricketer of his generation. WARNIE explores the paradox that is the most admired, criticised and publicised Australian sportsman of the century. Written by Matt Ford, produced by Kerrie Mainwaring and executive produced by Rory Callaghan and Julie McGauran, WARNIE is a Screentime, a Banijay Group company, production for Seven, made with the assistance of Screen Australia and Film Victoria.

New Australian True Crime

Groundbreaking. Powerful. Gripping. Heart stopping. MURDER UNCOVERED is a breakthrough investigative news series that will blow wide open some of the worst, most infamous cases of unsolved killings and crimes in Australian criminal history. Each episode will revisit a different case that enraged and engaged the country, featuring new evidence, major breakthroughs and fresh leads that will have you questioning everything.Featuring award-winning journalist Michael Usher, chilling new details will be uncovered from
never-before-given interviews with eyewitnesses to the crimes, the detectives who investigated, the victims, the prime suspects, and in some cases even the murderers – in their own words. From the team that made the critically-acclaimed Anita Cobby documentary and In Cold Blood… The Chris Lane Story, MURDER UNCOVERED will dramatically revitalise the crime genre. Just when you thought you knew it all…

MILLION DOLLAR COLD CASE is cracking open the files of unsolved murders that have frustrated police and devastated grieving families for years. Police are determined to catch the killers, and have offered one million dollar rewards to help solve these horrific crimes. MILLION DOLLAR COLD CASE takes the viewer inside each investigation as cold case detectives track down the murderer. They have a message for the killers – you will be caught. Someone, somewhere knows who did it.

New Australian Ob Docs
In this brand new series from Seven Productions, these stunning young mums have model good looks, glamorous lives and are never seen without their high heels and designer wear - but their best accessory is heir baby bump. As the Italian family from Adelaide get ready to celebrate the arrival of their new princess, hings become very competitive when they try to outdo the Melbourne yummy mummies with the most lavish baby showers, extravagant push presents and luxurious babymoons. When these yummy mummies get together, nothing, and no subject, is off limits. But their glamorous, perfect lives are about to change and they have no idea what’s in store because… the babies are coming!

In this brand new series from Seven Productions, we follow Aussie couples who have found a way to get rich quick. They buy homes, they renovate, they sell - all in just a few short weeks. But with big reward comes big risk. Will it be flip or flop? And what are the secrets to their success?
New US Programmes

A serialised murder-mystery comedy, this documentary-style single-camera series goes into the heart of a quirky, small Southern town to follow the arrest and murder trial of a beloved, if idiosyncratic, poetry professor Larry Henderson (John Lithgow, 3rd Rock from the Sun, Dexter) and Josh Segal (Nicholas D’Agosto, Gotham), the young “Northeastern” lawyer hired to defend him. Following the trial over the entire first season, this funny character-driven mystery is packed with physical comedic moments in tandem with the suspense of watching the case unfold. Larry, the accused, is vocal about maintaining his innocence, but as the cards stack, fall and shuffle, and the secrets come out… did he or didn’t he?

A gritty, intense drama from Jerry Bruckheimer, TRAINING DAY is a reimagining of the groundbreaking film of the same name, beginning 15 years later and exploring a modern-day Los Angeles in all its guts and glory. The LAPD’s Kyle Craig (Justin Cornwell) is one of the good guys. An idealistic, rookie cop bumped up to detective in an elite and elusive unit that goes after the worst of the worst. He’s been tasked to expose the corruption of veteran cop Frank Rourke (Bill Paxton, Big Love), a charming but crooked, morally ambiguous detective. As the bullets fly and we enter the undercover world with these partners who don’t trust each other, who’s training who?

Aussie Property Flippers & True Crime Series looks good, the rest is same old.

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Looking forward to Warnie!

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Sounds good :slight_smile: 2016 was a massive success for the network.

Onr question though @TV.Cynic, those ratings quoted, they look unusually high/suspicious? Are they metro or regional or what?

To avoid confusion, ratings number have been removed.

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