Seven Cricket Coverage


I just notice the fourth day of the second test between Australia and Sri Lanka is on Monday February 4, when Seven will broadcast NFL Super Bowl LIII live from Atlanta. I think Seven will keep the cricket on main channel and bump the Super Bowl to 7mate, even though the event has a substantial profile.


Yeah I didn’t consider that either. I’m a big Superbowl fan and the SD quality is going to suck majorly. Hopefully the cricket finishes early!


I believe that Perth viewers will have the first 2.5 hours of the coverage on 7two (similar to the one that they did with Boxing Day and Pink Test against India) due to Sunrise taking precedence.
The NFL Super Bowl will be pushed to 7mate in all markets.


Seven seem to be trying to promote the Big Bash a bit more today. Ben Davis (sport) and Tony Auden (weather) both at the game for the 4pm news im Brisbane. Promo features a “public service announcement”.


Thought it was confirmed the Super Bowl was airing on the main channel?


Problems with the score watermark during ad breaks tonight

1st Over: THU 0/7 (should have been 0/9)
2nd Over: THU 0/11 (should have been 0/23)

It was correct at end of the 3rd Over though.


Now the lights have gone out at the Big Bash… not good…


Just waiting for the inevitability of someone here blaming the new rights deal for that occurring…


Ping CMO


Game has been canned.


7s not having a good run…


The game has been cursed since Bancroft dropped the sandpaper into his jock.


Haven’t seen that yet, but some people actually think that the lights or power were deliberately switched off by the Gabba staff or there was corruption or bribes or something to avoid a Heat loss :roll_eyes:

But if it wasn’t for these rights, we wouldn’t have two crews from Fox and Seven using up electricity. If it was still on 10 there would have been only one team using up electricity. Seems having two different broadcast teams tipped the power usage over the line. /s


Promo this morning for the “Giant Week” of cricket. Obviously trying to win back viewers after the slump this week.


Or maybe it’s a promo that has been in the can for a while given they actually have a giant week of cricket and its not like the second week of the Aus Open magically appeared!


Does Seven have the rights for the next test in Brisbane/Sydney and Canberra?


Yes, they do have the rights for the tests against Sri Lanka


All test matches held in Australia are live on 7, 43 BBL matches and Women’s cricket.


Seven’s telecast today finished at 5.35pm AEDT with the WBBL second semi-final going into super over, after scores were tied at the end of 20 overs. Sydney Sixers beat Melbourne Renegades in the super over and will host Brisbane Heat at Drummoyne Oval next Saturday (Australia Day) in the WBBL final, before the day/night test.


Jim Wilson hosting with Ricky Ponting and Damien Fleming commentating. A much better team.

Edit: Damnit why is Andy Maher commentating? He’s horrendous.