Seven Cricket Coverage


Problem is the talent pool is thin enough as is. Up the international imports from 2 to 4 and cut some of the grade cricket/retirees out. Expand the salary cap and consider some private investment (not private ownership but perharps a minority holding). The BBL is currently losing the best players to the Bangladesh Premier League of all competitions!

The tournament has added six rounds to the format over the past two years and crowds have dropped by an average of 9,000 spectators as a result. Condense it back to six weeks, same length as the IPL and time it exactly for the school holidays.

Seven will do better next time, but an entertainment product like the big bash is reliant on a solid TV output and neither broadcaster is giving as good as 10 did.


Most matches seven have in feb are on Thursdays, fridays and Sunday’s so there shouldn’t be too much of a problem.


10’s coverage seemed to be more upbeat- in the spirit of Big Bash- with its use of music and graphics.
7 should use their more serious approach for the tests, but ramp up the entertainment value for the BBL.


Seven’s BBL coverage isn’t awful, but it just feels like something is missing. I don’t know what it is, but it just feels bland compared to Ten’s coverage. It could be the commentators, the fact that not all games are on FTA or that the competition has just been made too long.


It’s all three.

Some of the commentators have been grating (Brayshaw, Slater, Maher). The fact the viewers won’t see every game means that viewers are less inclined to be hooked, and the overall atmosphere seems to be tired as the game drags on.


To me it doesn’t have an identity and comes across as their ‘second’ to tests, putting random commentators/hosts and the frequent variation of them also hasn’t helped.

Look at 10’s, one female host (Mel McLaughlin or Roz Kelly) who went around Australia with Ricky, Flem, Waugh, Howie, Andy and it was an A grade coverage and team.

It’ll be weird come Monday with no Aus Open on Seven!


But what i’m saying is think about the primary school students. They are at the start of the school year. Kids will get tired as it passes through 9:30PM or even 10PM.


Their commentators aren’t actually that random.
PBP- Maher, Slater, Richo, JB. Exception is the game JB was ill.
Expert- Ponting, Blewett, Hodge, Fleming, Tufnell. Only exceptions were Xmas Eve (7 have a rule in place that comms must be local to ensure they get home) and Nannes working when JB was ill.
As for boundary line comms, 7 are pretty much doing the same thing 10 did- utilising local talent.

Edit: after closer inspection Ponting and Hodge haven’t worked together, yet they’ve done 16 of the 19 matches 7 have covered between them. Blewett has covered 10.


But they have AFL matches on Thursday nights as well. And the weekends shouldn’t be a big deal… not really sure what the big deal is.


The worst possible outcome was having to clash with AFLW. Note that BBL08 Final will be screened on the primary channels nationwide, so the AFLW will have to move to 7mate in all markets.


With the WBBL going standalone next year, will more games be broadcasted?
If so, I hope that more even spread of games not only sydney all the time.


Don’t be surprised if all BBL on Seven in prime time beyond January 28 will be on 7mate on Mondays-Thursdays, Home and Away and MKR are more important to Seven than cricket!


Cricket Australia confirmed this afternoon that this season’s WBBL semi-finals would be held at Sydney’s Drummoyne Oval on Saturday January 19, at 10.40am AEDT and 1.50pm AEDT respectively. It will be interesting to see if either match (or both) will be shown live on 7mate or main channel.
The highest-ranked qualifier for the final will then earn the right to host the title decider on January 26 – meaning if the teams who finish third and fourth both win their semi-finals, the decider will be played at the home of the third-ranked team.


7 advertised before the season that the finals were on 7 (at least EDT) Sat 19 Jan 10.30am and 1.30pm followed by Sat 26 Jan 10.00am.
Be interesting to see whether this is actually right.


So it will be interesting to see where the Final is. These are the contenders depending on what team would ‘host’ the final.
Hurstville Oval
Drummoyne Oval
North Sydney Oval
Sydney Cricket Ground
Blacktown ISP
Drummoyne Oval
North Sydney Oval
Spotless Stadium
Allan Border Field
Metricon Stadium


North Sydney Oval is in Sixers territory - I can’t see a Thunder home game being held there. It could be either at Blacktown or Bankstown. Don’t know about Spotless, could happen if they can get more dates cheaply.


but North Sydney Oval is the womens cricket hub… I think they will end up using it… CA would pressure the Thunder into using North Sydney I think.


Aside from Adelaide, both games will air on the main channel since 7mate has Tour Down Under commitments


If you look at the schedule, they won’t have to do that due to a combination of clever scheduling & Fox-exclusive games:


Doesn’t matter if North Sydney Oval is the Taj Mahal of women’s cricket. North Sydney Oval is in Sixers territory - the idea of earning home ground advantage is that you get to play the game at your home ground. The Thunder management at Cricket NSW would be rightfully pissed if they had to move a home game out of their territory just to please Cricket Australia, given that they have several very good grounds in their territory - Spotless Stadium, Blacktown ISP and Bankstown being part of it.

In case you weren’t aware, Sixers territory is north, central and south-eastern Sydney and northern NSW. Thunder Nation is west and south-western Sydney and southern NSW and ACT.